Thursday, May 14, 2009

How do I love thee?

Let me count the ways!

I'm not talking about my husband or my precious girls, even though it is definitely true about each of them.

In this case I am talking about something very different, something with which my relationship (if it can be called that) is entirely one sided.

And no, I am not talking about Edward Cullen. Although I may have thought it would be fun to reread the Twilight series and may have gotten so caught up in it again that I asked Matt to scoop me up in his arms like I was light as a feather (i.e., no grunting or groaning) and then walk a few miles with me like that. His response brought me back to reality when he said he couldn't walk just himself a few miles, let alone while holding me. Of course, that is if that scenario really happened.

I figured I would get my once a week food post in and share my love for this baby....

Around Christmas an Aldi's opened up near us and has helped us reduce our weekly grocery bill. One of the great deals I am able to get there is a bag of three avocados for $2.50! That's pretty cheap and pretty exciting! So basically every time I shop, I pick up a bag of avocados, because you never can have too many and it would be a tragedy to have none.

I basically look for an excuse to add avocado to anything and everything. I really do love it that much. Before I share all the ways I indulge, I figured I should look up some nutritional aspects that I could share with you as well so I don't feel bad about consistently eating something so high in fat (but it's good fat people, good fat! I swear it is so hard for me to move on from the low fat craze of the 90's. As I read how much fat is in one avocado I got the chills and not the good kind.)

So here are a few fun tidbits about the avocado and why you should love it too!

  • It has three times the amount of potassium as a banana and is also filling and acts as a slow burning fuel.

  • The high potassium content helps balance our body's electrolytes, aids muscle activity, nerve function and energy metabolism

  • It is also one of the richest source of fiber among all fruits and vegetables. Packed with vitamins A, several B-complex, it also contains powerful anti-oxidants like vitamins C and E.

  • The avocado is one of the best natural mouth wash and a remedy for bad breath (pretty cool, huh!)

  • An avocado contains oleic and linoleic acids that are effective in lowering the LDL cholesterol and increasing the healthy HDL cholesterol.

  • Regular consumption of avocados strengthens the body's immune system.

  • For you pregos...The vitamin B6 helps relieve nausea and queasiness associated with pregnancy. The high folate content is important and necessary for healthy fetal cell and tissue development.

I have to laugh because as I was reading different bits about avocados and how awesome they are (one article described it as a superfood here to save the diet), it did address the high fat content and how the majority of it was the healthy fat that our body needs, but even so not many people eat a whole avocado at one sitting so it's not like you're getting all that fat at once! Now I promise you that I don't eat a whole avocado in one sitting, a half is usually pushing it, but I may have eaten a whole bowl of guacomole made out of one avocado in one sitting - I guess that counts!

Instead of taking multi vitamins, I eat avocados! Ok, perhaps I'm going just a bit overboard here so now I'm going to share some ways you can enjoy avocado as well....

Guacamole! Seriously, it is so easy and so much better to just make your own. Grab a nice ripe avo, slice it open, scoop out the fruit (Ithink that's what it is called), mash it up with a fork, add a minced garlic clove or a pinch of garlic powder to taste, a bit of salt, some lime juice...and there you have it. I like to add a handful of diced tomatoes and onion if I have it and maybe even some chopped cilantro. But the great thing is, you don't need to - it's tasty just with a bit of salt and garlic (or even no garlic).

Another thing I've been doing is adding it to a turkey sandwhich in place of cheese - healthier and tastier!

Ell and Matt made me breakfast in bed the day after Mother's Day (Matt has to leave to be at church early on Sundays so we can't really do a big breakfast that day. Catherine just decided she'd rather hang with me in bed than help. Smart girl!). My requested breakfast was scrambled eggs topped with fresh salsa (pico de gallo), avocado and cheese. And some turkey bacon on the side. If you like to add a little southwest flair to your eggs, you definitely should try it. Little shout out to my sis in law Chrissie for opening my eyes to this!

Only two more I promise.

A great option for a delish lunch. Make a salad with lettuce, tomato and cucumber (go crazy with the veggies - those are what i prefer and often have), add some....wait for it....avocado and if you have some grilled chicken (either left over from the night befoe or the Perdu precooked chicken strips) that's a nice touch as well. Mix light ranch dressing with some barbecue sauce and you've got yourself a tasty lunch that is healthy without a ton of work and is interesting. Sometimes I just can't get excited about a plain old salad for lunch!

Finally, what I ate for dinner last night.. Tomato Avocado Salad! I just made it up but it's not at all unique or complicated. Basically 1-2 tomatoes cut into medium sized pieces, not diced. A half of an avocado in chunks. A little bit of corn, some black beans, (1/2 a can of each, if that), some diced red onion, throw in a handful of fat free Feta, some freshly ground salt and pepper, a few shakes of Balsamic vinegar. Voila, easy, healthy dinner. I toasted a pita and cut it into wedges and ate the salad alongside it. This is similar to a black bean salsa that I make, except the focus was on the tomatoes and not the beans and a whole lot less vinegar and bigger pieces.

So there you have it. Now you are more aware than you ever wanted to be about my one sided love affair with avocados.

I wonder if Elizabeth Barrett Browning is turning in her grave?


Crafty P said...

megan, megan, megan... I could have written this post.

I am a fellow LOVER of the avocado. i was DEPRESSED last friday when my Sam's club's avocadoes were all WAY PAST the ripe stage (they had that awful smell, maybe happy smelled it at her place?). Anyway, I add them to MY TURKEY Sandwich, too, enabling me to recreate the all too expensive Turkey Bacon Guacamole from QUIZNOS.

I love them sprinkled with kosher salt and a little pepper, sometimes a squeeze of lime or lemon. yum.

Ina Garten's guacamole won me over for this amazing little fruit.

THen I started making that AWESOME black bean salsa that i found on a blog a few years back. (

I am hooked on these.

Now, I'm KICKING myself, b/c I had an aldi's opportunity (read: no kids, free time, near an aldi's) and didn't partake.

may I request a post about your fave aldi's foods? I want to go and make it a habit of shopping there, but I need some guidance.

wish we lived closer.
we could be avocado sisters!
okay, overboard, I know.

Rebecca said...

First of all may I say that this post may be a favorite of mine?! It's peppered with such good humor and your writing is quite cohesive!
(Not that I would know anything about that...however, it was very pleasant to read)

As for the avocado...I had never tried avocado or guacamole UNTIL I dined with Mrs. Crafty P and Rachel at the Cheesecake Factory and I got guacamole on my Baja Fish Taco's.

And then recently the hubby and I went to the new Chipotle and I got quacamole on my chicken taco's.

Apparently, I love taco's and guacamole now.

So...I have an Aldi's very close to me and I've never been in there...but now I want to eat avocado's like they're going out of style so apparently I am going to go to Aldi's to get some.

What else should I be buying from Aldi's? Oh yes, please please do an Aldi's post. Have I ever told you Aldi's freaks me out?

It me, Megan. Take the bad Aldi feelings away....

And you should def. come to Pittsburgh. Bring Renee and we can all just have a big get together!

stella g. said...

i feel a little left out since i don't really like avocados at all. although i think i had them once in something and was pleasantly surprised i didn't gag. but, i must also include, that since you took so much effort to not only list the upsides, but you did it with such beautiful colors, maybe i'll give them another try. if only there was an Aldi's anywhere in TX. (i just checked. there isn't.)

Erin said...

Great stuff to know about avocados. i knew they were good, but i didn't know they were that good! if i could add to your list it would be - super easy and good baby food! both my kids loved avo's at the 6-12 mo age. N. won't touch them now, but i'm sure she'll come around in time. another way to eat them is sliced on some good crunchy bread with tomatoes and lemon juice, salt and pepper to taste. mmmmmmmm

renee said...

yaaaay for avacados!

my love for them has grown...

(lil' shout out to the incredible avacados in CA, which i will now have to put out of my memory, haha)

so interesting that you did this post, b/c i was talking to my sister tonight, and she's starting up a blog about her experience she'll have in liberia. i may have her as a "guest blogger" on my blog, doing nutrition/diet myths!

Tasha Antonia Hoover said...

Ok, something Adam and I are totally hooked on after our friend exposed us to it is the avocado milkshake. Put an avocado in the blender top it with milk, add a bit of vanilla, and sugar and blend. It's smooth, creamy, and delicious. Adam and I have them for dessert topped with whipped cream... yum!

Dawn said...

hey Megan - just catching up on your blog...I too am an avocado FREAK! have you ever had Avocado eggrolls from Cheesecake Factory - to die for! I now make them at home, I googled the recipe.

Our fav thing to do with avocados is to cut them in half and coat them with olive oil, grill the pit side down first for a couple of minutes, then turn it over and put salsa in the hole covered with cheese and grill for a couple more minutes. Once you remove from the grill, squeeze fresh lime juice over them - heaven!

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