Friday, May 22, 2009


Rachel, from a Heart in Progress is kicking off the "Sisterhood of the Traveling Dance" blog which will be posted each week throughout this season of So You Think You Can Dance (again, from here on out I promise I will call it SYTYCD.) Also, for those of you who are new, it airs on Fox

Now, take a second to watch this clip from yesterday's Ellen, featuing some talented dancers from last season!

Also, Renee, it was Kherinton. Twitch and Kherington = Twitchington. I think we were last stuck on Kensington...


renee said...

haha! i realized that after watching the premeire the other night... so funny we could not think of her name for the life of us :)

Rebecca said...

I'm tuning in this week if it kills me! I want to be "in the know" when I visit The Sisterhood!

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