Wednesday, July 08, 2009

Dancing times two!

It's been a long Wednesday and we've been on the go since this morning. It's so nice to come home from a full day and know that I have SYTYCD to look forward too! Not only do I love it, but it gives me the excuse I need to plop myself on the couch for awhile. Especially when it's my turn for the traveling blog - those dishes can wait until morning, my dance sisters are counting on me!

As usual, I'll probably just blog my thoughts as we go... (I'm going to pause before the judges speak to give my honest feedback - love my DVR!). Now that I'm done I can warn you that a long line of incoherent observations are coming your way and be prepared for me to fizzle out at the end. The judges liked everyone so got sick of writing it over and over again. It was a long night of dances, but there were many bright moments - I wonder if we'll agree on what they were!

After introductions Cat comes out looking very chic in a knee length black number with a gorgeous hair do - it's pinned up into a bob with some finger curls and a cool silver pin.

Tyce is our guest judge. I hope he's left his diva like attitude from the auditions far behind and can channel some constructive criticism towards the dancers.

Ade and Melissa - Disco with Dorianna Sanchez. Again and so soon? I'd rather have more hip hop and less disco. I like this couple and hope they can bring it!

Definitely not as fast as Brandon and Janine's, but I thought they did well. A few times the transition from the lifts seemed slow, but I thought they had good "swagger". That upside down split lift - wow!!! Overall I enjoyed it and was entertained but the judges so rarely like disco - I bet they won't rave as much as they did from Brandon and Janine's. Oh yeah - Melissa fell at the end but I think it doesn't count!

The judges love it! 3 for 3. I went back to see if I could remember more of their feedback and I can't - so they must have been unanimous in their loving of it!

Kupono and Kayla - contemporary with Mia Michaels! I always get excited for a Mia routine, but these guys have had a lot of contemporary/jazz. Interesting....During rehearsal Kupono shares how the theme of addiction hits close to home with him and tears up talking about it. I know his voice is a bit annoying...but come on...that was moving.

Holy cow. Speechless. I thought it was intense and amazing. I thought they both did amazing. I had chills. So dark and intense. Kayla trying to escape Kupono was just so....intense. Sorry for my lack of creativity there! Kayla truly had the look of an addict- no makeup, wild hair, and I was rooting for her to break free.

The judges all liked it. Mary and Tyce both hit on the reason I'm a fan of Kupono - the character and acting he brings to each dance makes it seem like more than a dance. I will never claim his jumps or spins are up to par with any of the others, but he brings something different to the dance floor that I enjoy. But hey, we all have our opinions and I'm fine being in the minority on this one.

Caitlin and Jason - Foxtrot by Tony Meredith and Melanie Lapatin.
Oooh I like the skirt Caitlin is wearing during rehearsal.

So I don't think Jason does macho too well. He's got the market cornered on cute, but not macho! Some crazy lifts and it's definitely fun, nothing outstanding (but it's foxtrot, kind of have to wait for the judges!). I LOL'd when Caitlin's dress was covering Jason's face during one lift - I thought for sure we'd have some sort of wardrobe malfunction! Looks like they struggled with one lift at the end.

Nigel likes it - complimented both of them on their technique and footwork. Mary thought it was tremendous - that's why I have to wait for the judges because I wasn't blown away by it. Tyce said they look like stars but could have glided more. Is Tyce hitting on Jason? He def gave him a look there at the end.

OH my, Russian folk dance and hip hop coming up -

Philip and Jeanine - Russian folk dancing with Youri Nelzine and Lilia Babenko (don't ask me how many times I had to rewind to get those names)

This seems like punishment for them.

Ok, so didn't think it was that great. I love this couple and want them to do well but it just didn't seem to work. Perhaps the rosy blush circles on Philip's cheeks distracted me too much?

Nigel is doing the slow clap. Doesn't look good....he thought it was too folky and recommended vodka. He's more criticizing the style/choreography. Mary was 50/50 with it. Tyce thought they did well with the style and was very positive. They both look relieved to have positive feedback at the end!

Randi and Evan - hip hop with our favorite duo Nappy Tab! Yay - can't wait to see these guys do hip hop! Loved Randi's reaction to what her character will be! I am just imagining Matt and I breaking out into hip hop after I told him I was pregnant! I enjoyed it because it seemed so sweet and loving and joyful.

Nigel is caught up with the reoccurring theme of pregnancy this season and I guess he liked it. He really likes the two of them overall - he made that clear. Mary thought it would be a trainwreck but it wasn't. She was watching for Evan to slip up and he didn't. Tyce enjoyed the story telling of NapTab, thinks Evan needs to bring "more" and loves Randi.

Janette and Brandon - Argentine Tango - Leonadro and Miriam. This is supposed to be about sexiness. Nothing about Brandon screams sexy in rehearsal but I have a feeling he'll pull it off tonight. As long as he doesn't laugh. Or talk.

Love Janine's sparkly number. I love the spin she did while lowered a few inches form the ground. Her footwork looks sharp. Brandon pulls off the sexy b/c he's not talking. I loved the final sequence- amazing!

The judges give them a standing O! Wow. I didn't see that coming although I knew it was good. Nigel says it was close to perfection. Mary screams about how good they are and gives them their first class Hot Tamale tickets. My ears are now bleeding. Tyce joins in with a little chest shimmy. Tyce is talking about making OJ and getting all the juice out - basically he loved it too!

Melissa and Ade are up again (I totally missed that they were each dancing twice) and we find out this is their last time dancing with their partners. Sad.

How sweet that Melissa tears up!

Waltz by Ron Montez
I think Melissa's gracefulness and Ade's strength will make this a good performance - plus the chemistry they have helps.

I think they performed beautifully. Melissa looked like she was floating and Ade supported her amazingly.

Nigel, beautiful and played to their strengths. Ade needed more rise and fall. Mary agreed with beautiful but criticized Ade's footwork. Melissa was mesmerizing and flawless. Tyce says the dance needs to rise to the music and they needed to elongate and stretch their lines. Ade was making it look too easy?

Kayla and Kupono.

Broadway by Joey Dowling. Love at first sight. All about acting - definitely plays to their strengths. Joey seems like a tough choreographer.

Dancing to West Side Story. Seemed like a very classical broadway number, didn't seem to excited the crowd. Good but it didn't have that extra oomph...

Nigel agreed....he got up and showed them how it should be, didn't think they brought out the character. Mary said they did a good job, but they could have done more and it was well synchronized. Tyce said that Kupono could have dug in more

Jason and Caitlin. Mandy Moore (yay) with lyrical jazz. It will be nice to see them in their own style finally. What 80's song will it be too this time? Ooops, called that one wrong. Lot of spins and lifts and stuff. I think I'm running out of steam. I guess these guys don't excite me - so sorry to all you fans! Please no hate mail!

Nigel said it was good technically but lacking chemistry. Mary sees the chemistry but it wasn't magical. But then she said great things about them, just not a memorable dance. Tyce said they were in sync and their lines were beautiful but they played it safe. Overall positive feedback but no gushing.

Jeanine and Philip. The jive with Tony and Meredith. Oh no - Randi and Evan did this and they weren't peppy enough. I think Jeanine can pull it off, not sure about Philip. They looked good, Jeanine better. Philip doesn't look too comfortable in ballroom styles, but he was smiling and and bouncing about.

Nigel loved it all around. Mary loved it too and was surprised by Philip and put Jeanine on the Hot Tamale train. Tyce makes it 3 for 3 - he loved it as well.

Randi and Evan. These guys seem to have so much fun together.

They are doing a Samba with....Pasha!!!!! I love me my Pasha! And Anya of course.

The rehearsal footage was so darn cute with Randi feeling embarrassed about sexing it up!

Definitely not a natural fit for Evan, but they have chemistry so that helped pull them through it. Randi did great and they just fit really well together.

Nigel wasn't having it. Evan isn't a hot Samba king, but Randi is. Mary said it was a slow sizzle but they needed to do more and find more fire! Tyce wanted them to be a detective and figure out how to make it hot. Mary jumps in to give Randi the hot tamale shriek.

Janette and Brandon. I knew there was a Wade routine coming up and I've been looking forward to it! Saving the best for last?

Very funky and cool (not surprised)! I loved how in sync they were during the opening sequence on the stairs. I just heard from Renee that she watched it a few times so she can expand on some more of the details of it.

Nigel is calling for them to get the biggest vote of the night! Mary - took the words right out of my mouth (or blog) "the best for last!" Tyce loved it, they all loved it because it was amazing (I agree) and Brandon and Jeanette can do anything.

Sorry I ran out of steam and interesting input there at the end. I thought that overall it was a great night - just a ton of dances to recap! My favorite two performances were Kayla and Kupono's Mia routine (I am a fan of those darker pieces, what does that say about me?) and Brandon and Jeanette's Wade routine. The choreographer has a big impact, I think getting a Mia routine really sets the dancers up because so they both have so many fans.

No clear underdog because they all did well and no one got completely slammed. Janette and Brandon are the definite front runners. I personally think Philip is one of the weakest guys (but I really do like him) and maybe Caitlin for the girls? They are all strong and bring different things to the table. I think if Evan is in the bottom three he might be in trouble.

I know there are many of you out there who are watching and I hope you'll chime in with your likes and dislikes!


renee said...

good job megan! i mean, "that was friggin great!" (how many times did tyce say that?) :)

tyce was a tiny bit annoying with some of his faces and comments that just seemed so....weird. towards the end of the show jon and i thought they had a little "somethin' somethin" exta in their cups. what was that o.j comment from tyce? worst analogy ever! haha.

i absolutely loved brandon and jeanette. they really seem like they can do no wrong, and i believe they are the front runners as well. loved that wade piece! i loved that music and i watched it 3 times. each time got better with all the quirky movements that is wade. loved their tango too - her faces of passion and emotion were spot on.

i really really loved that dark number of mia's too (i know, why do we always love the dark stuff?) :) kayla and kupono did awesome and you're right - very intense! i do love kupono's acting and his presence....but i don't think he's the strongest (not just technically, but how he needs "more" a lot of the time). still, great piece and LOVE that song gravity!! love me some mia!

i just adore melissa and ade so much too... they are favs of mine along with brandon/jeanette and kayla, randi/evan (although they may be in trouble!). melissa and ade's disco was just so high energy and i thought they started the show incredibly. they are just so likeable to me and always seem to "bring it."

way to go jeanine and phillip on that jive!!! whoa jeanine in her little top! :) fun number and agree philip looked most comofortable in this style outside his own. felt bad about their russian piece though - was not SYTYCD material and yikes to the choreographers after nigel's comment!

bottom 3? hmmm.... caitlin/jason, philip/jeanine (? - b/c of their russian piece?) and randi/evan?
just guesses.

i had a great friggin time!!!

Rachel said...

Thanks Megan!!! Good job!

I loved the disco number right off the bat! Soooo fun! And dare I say that Ade out danced Melissa? I think he did awesome and he's growing on me.

Loved the Mia Michaels routine. Kupono didn't win any votes from me with his tears, but I thought he "acted" the part well! I agreed with Nigel about Kayla's hair always being in her face...ponytail, people! I did not like the Broadway number AT ALL and I blame Kupono.

Loved both of Brandon and Jeanettes routines...Wade is so weird. Good call on Brandon NOT talking, Megan.

Oh, the Russian Folk dancing. I think that may be the last we see of that style. Good riddance. How ridiculous was that? Yeesh! Anyone notice that the choreographer either was not in the audience or just not shown on camera? Hmmmmmm????

I LOVE Randi and Evan! Though, I did find their "stories" hard to believe. They are just too cute to be dirty!

Tough call for the bottom 3...
Phillip and Jeanine
Randi and Evan
Jason and Caitlin

I loved Cat's dress and the clip in her hair, but could NOT stand the hair style! Or the lipstick...

I sometimes feel like the chemistry between the dancers is ruined for me by knowing that one of them is either married or "batting for the other team". I feel bad for the spouse if the dancers are such good actors that there appears to be chemistry and I find it hard to believe knowing that one of them is completely not interested. Anyone else feel the same?

Megan said...

Some more thoughts now that it's morning and I've had my coffee.

Remember Randi and Evan's jive - they were pretty critical of it and I thought it was much better than last nights. Why are they not judging Philip as they should be?

The Broadway number. Joey whatever her name is told them it was two kids meeting on a roof and love at first sight. Was there something in there about child like love? That isn't West Side Story. Nigel wanted it to be WSS and that's not the story they were given. Somehow that didn't make sense to me.

I think Kayla's hair in her face just played into the role of the addict and added to the performance. The rest of the time, yeah, pull it back.

I think Janette is better than Brandon. I look forward to seeing how they do with different partners.

I am fine with the whole married thing if the dancers can get over it. I guess I view it as acting. Melissa and Ade have great chemistry on stage, but off stage they seem like buddies. Definitely seems like part of the performance and not something inappropriate.

Can I just say again how happy I was to see Pasha! Ok, I'll stop monopolizing the comments!

My pick to go home.
If he's in the bottom 3 Kupono will go b/c he can't get by on another horrible solo. If not, then I would pick Jason to go. I still think Caitlin is the weakest girl. said...

This is my first season watching and I started all b/c of you and your blog... and now Scott and I love it! So thanks!

I am so sad that the partners are breaking up... totally unexpected for me. I get it... we'll really see who the best are when they are with their new partners, I am sure some are being carried or held back with their pairings.

I thought the judges were projecting judgement onto te dancers that should have gone to the choreogrphers and that was really unfair. Hello Russian folk dance.

My favs are Jeanette and Brandon, and agree they are the top runners. I also like Philip and Jeannie.. I love Philip in his hip hop style.

Melissa and Ade are also high on my list.

I agree Evan should be scared if he is in the bottom 3. I like him, but he isn't as strong as some of the others. Kupono annoys me and I don't think Jason and Kaitlin have what it takes to make it to the top. With their last number I thought they looked like kids playing dress up. They didn't sell it for me.

Thanks again for hooking me on the show!

Happy said...

Now Life at the Circus is taken victim by SYTYCD?

Geesh. Is there anyone else who follows the Sisterhood that doesn't watch?

It's okay...I get my entertainment reading all the recaps and the comments. You girls are really into it!

Crafty P said...

I'm going to comment as I read your post!

yes- I want more HIP HOP, TOO! where is the hip hop this season? only one routine? what?

Megan- I've come over to cheer on Kupono- I think it was last week that I caved and discovered his talent. Maybe Kayla brings it out in him? Their dance tonight was so powerful. moving. enthralling. Kupono rocked it and I agree that it would have been better to see more of her face, but I understand the wild and crazy hair.

Poor Jeanine and Philip (who gets Philip next if he stays? Can you imagine Philip with Melissa?- I think it might be his week to go???)- okay, they did well with what they were given. WHAT's UP Nigel? You're the one who encourages all forms of dance... I'm sure you gave the okay for Russian Folk dancing! geesh! So glad they're second number was better- Jeanine is so expressive (did I mention I love her? please pair Jeanine with Ade- I think that would rock). Thought the costumes could have been better for their number.

Evan and Randi were cute. I thought Randi did a great job of expressing such joy during hip hop and NappyTab's did a great job showcasing their strengths! TYce's coment to Evan about bringing "more" made me angry though... more what? be more specific and don't speak that artsy languange.

Jeanette and Brandon are just HOT tonight! HOT HOT HOT. They rocked every dance and were my faves. THat Wade Robson dance was awesome- everything about it. So expressive, entertaining and memorable. I watched it twice and saved the show to go back and watch it again. loved it. (loved their tango, too. are flicks the scissor leg things? I love that about argentine tango)

okay, I'm tired of typing at this point, but I'll end by saying:
1. this was my fave show this season
2. my two fave dances were the same as Megan's
3. i think jason and caitlyn, evan and randi and philip and jeanine may be in trouble (but jeanine better stay gosh darn it) and I sure hope if someone goes home it's the first couple i mentioned
4. sooo soooo sad to see the partners breaking up
5. cat was rockin' that doo tonight. loved it! especially the pin!
6. appreciated tyce's comments tonight- his expressions crack me up though... so, you know... LOL

Cindy said...

Wow you all comment and I haven't had time to watch it all yet. My brother had his baby yesterday so I traveled an hour and a half to see the baby for an hour and a half and then traveled back home and so I got in late. Also I have to watch with those outfits if I watch in front of my kids or not so... But seriously your comments are great. Mego great job overall. You bring out things that I will watch for and I am excited about the show. It wasn't the best for me. Being a newbie to SYTYCD this year the first show rocked it off the charts for me. I could barely contain myself but last nights was incredible too. But can I say I want me some Baliwood? I loved that in the first show, Russian Folk out Baliwood in! Looking forward to results tonight.

Courtney said...

Oh my gosh- this was the best episode of the season- BY FAR. There was just so much to love!! Let me count the ways....

I love that everyone danced twice. Fun to see them try multiple styles. And no wasted time with people of lesser talent.

I love Ade and Melissa. I don't know why it never clicked with me before- but their dances last night were just fabulous!

I love Mia Michaels' routine. And Kayla is perfection (messy addict hair or not)

I love Cat Deely. For-ev-er. (even her "fob" know, the faux-bob)

I love Caitlin's dress in the fox a robot+cleopatra+Ginger Rogers

I love Broadway. Even with the whole "not West Side Story enough" junk, I just really enjoy the routine- and thought that choreographer was a doll.

I love...that we won't have to watch Russian Folk dancing anymore.

I love Randi and Evan BUT (and here's where we break format...) their dancing was rough tonight. They styles didn't suit them AT ALL (they are not sexy, or street, and never will be. Just too cute for all that).

I love Jeannette. She is absolutely flawless. I would have given her a standing ovation too- just unbelievable. (And I love that Megan hoped brandon wouldn't talk- so true!)

I LOVE WADE ROBSON! Seriously- this is in my top five favorite dances from any season ever. Just fantastic.

I love this show. I love the sisterhood. Done.

Bottom three:
caitlyn/jason (they're just not as charismatic as the rest- certainly not enough chemistry)
evan/randi (they have tons of charisma, but unfortunately just aren't quite as talented as the others)
Jeannette/Phillip (had a tough week)

My picks to go home: jason and caitlyn. I base that mostly on the judges wanting to keep some dance diversity in the top ten for when they go on tour....can't wait for tonight!

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