Tuesday, July 07, 2009

Clean Teeth

A few weeks ago Matt and I both had dentist appointments with our new dentist. I don't think I can sum up the nerve to reveal exactly how long it had been since Matt and I had both been to a dentist. Let me put it this way, we didn't love our previous dentist and when we moved we just figured we'd get a new one. Well...we didn't. I won't tell you how long ago it was that we moved and whether or not it was before we had Ella. I am too ashamed to fully admit to how much I've neglected my dental care.

We finally found a dentist nearby and made appointments. Since we were new patients they were well over a month away and Matt even laughed when I told him the date because it was just so far away. Of course things you aren't looking forward to tend to creep up on you rather quickly and before we knew it the appointments were just a few days away.

Matt and I were each certain that our teeth were a mess and we basically began dreading finding out what the damage was.

The day beforehand Matt announced to the girls "Mommy has a dentist appointment tomorrow. Mommy, tell them how you feel about that!"

I looked at Matt liked he was crazy, mustered by some enthusiasm and lied, "I'm really excited about it!"

To which Catherine replied, "no you're not, you're scared!"

It cracked me up that as much as I tried to put up a brave front she saw right through it (or just projected her own feelings on me!).

I am happy to say that both Matt and I were cavity free! When we left we told the dentist "see you in six years!" Oops, I may have revealed a bit too much there!


renee said...

yaaaaaay! congrats on the clean teeth! i sorta think it's hilarious that you haven't been to the dentist in 6 years (?) and didn't get attacked by the drill. i keep thinking "oh no! it's going on 2 years for me - i have to make my appt!" ... but guess i can wait a few more years :)

Teri said...

yay for clean teeth!

LifeAtTheCircus.com said...

yippee for clean teeth. I got mine cleaned this spring for the first time in 3 years. I've never had a cavity in my life, but I hate, HATE when they scrape your teeth... especially when you've got years of build up on there.

Crafty P said...

I actually like going to the dentist. Congrats on your clean pearly whites!

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