Thursday, July 09, 2009

Down to 10

Results night! This is the night when we find out which top ten dancers we'll get to see on the tour this fall. Speaking of tour, the dates and cities have been released and would you believe it that there are NO Pennsylvania dates?! Craziness! But there are two New Jersey dates (huh?) that aren't too far for me and Renee. Maybe we can summon some of our fellow sisters to join us?

Any thoughts on the judging this year? I did some scanning of the old internet earlier because I love to read what others are saying and it's seems like a general consensus that people are annoyed by the judging. I know I get annoyed when Nigel critiques a dancer's hairstyle rather than her dance!

Love the opening number choreographed by NappyTab, music Seven Nation Army by The White Stripes.

We find out that it's Nigel's birthday and that we won't get to see a Michael Jackson tribute show. Happy for Nigel, too bad no MJ.

First up for the cuts.
Brandon and Janette and Caitlin and Jason. I think we all have a pretty good idea who is safe and who isn't. At least I hope. I hope the producers aren't pulling a fast one on us. And the couple in the bottom three surprise, Caitlin and Jason.

Randi and Evan and Philip and Jeanine. My fear is that if R&E are in the bottom Evan will get cut because he's short and will be hard to partner with any other girl. Won't be fair since he really only had one off night. The judges just seem to hold back from fully praising him. Philip really is the weakest, but I imagine the judges want their hip hopper in the tour.
And the bottom couple is....Philip and Jeanine. Wow! Can't believe it!

Ok now it's down to Melissa and Ade and Kayla and Kupono. Tough call. Both performed well last night and I think Melissa and Ade have a stronger fan base but didn't have as memorable of dances last night.

What do you guys think about Nigel's statement about the solos? Basically saying that they don't give very much weight to them? But often when they are talking to the bottom three guys and girls Nigel seems to reference their solos pretty frequently. What gives? I would like some consistency please? I'm glad that after this week it's all up to America.

And the final couple in the bottom three is....Melissa and Ade. I think they're safe. No way should either of them be let go compared to the other two couples.


Caitlin did a cute solo to Stand by Me. Not sure if it's enough to save her...

Jason did his typical routine. Good dancer, but his performances do nothing for me.

Jeanine - I thought her solo was pretty cool but I was distracted by her hideous outfit.

Philip - amazing in his style of course. no denying it. but he hasn't adapted to other styles well.

Melissa - wow, muscles. Lots of beautiful leaps and twirls. I love when she's en pointe, it gives the impression that she's flying/floating...

Ade - best solo of the night. totally cool and funky. Amazing back glad we got to see a solo from him. I am convinced he's one of the top guys and it will be a travesty if he's cut.

Special performer - sorry I went right past her so I have absolutely no input to give.

Based on the snippets, are you excited for Season 6 yet?

Nigel gets right down to it and trying to be as positive as possible, lets Caitlin know it's the end of the road for her.

The guys. Jason looks so resigned. So does Philip. But we find out that it's the end of the road for Philip. I'm pretty surprised, I think ultimately it was the right decision but I just didn't think the judges would cut Philip. I think P. is a great guy but unfortunately wasn't able to find success in the other styles. Nigel then says that Philip and Caitlin will both be on tour. Great, but what's the significance of the top 10 if the top 12 tour? Not that I mind at all, I think Philip's presence would be missed!

Surprised, happy, or outraged?

I really did think Jason would go since without Philip they are left with five contemporary male dancers. But the judges pretty much set themselves up for it with how they cast the top 20. I'm definitely missing Joshua and Twitch! Also, I think the girls are stronger than the guys this year. I think all five girls have the tendency to outshine their partners. Now that we vote as individuals it will be interesting to see who has a fan base and who doesn't.

Ok, sisters, let me hear what you thought!


renee said...

yay for a tour date in NJ! so close to us! c'mon sisters, you're coming. slumber party at my house :)

yeah, i definitely dislike when a hairstyle or costume, more often, is critiqued over the dance. i don't know... i don't put too much thought into the judging. i'm always interested in what they have to say, but i think MOST of the time i sorta agree with them (but don't get me wrong, tons of comments are annoying and just seem weird). i just go by what i like and how i feel when i watch a piece.

sorry to see philip go... i thought it would be jason.... sad to see caitlin go as well cause she definitely has some beautiful moves there, but it was time for her to say bye bye.

LOVED Ade's solo!!! i love how Cat was like, "um... were you not telling him to bring it?!" i just love him.

totally excited for season 6! said...

I was sorry to see Philip go... really, really sorry. I know he didn't do well in all the other styles, but his solos were awesome and I am so done with Jason... ok, so he doesn't go this week.. he is out next week. He is not top 5 material, why not let him go now, then you wouldn't have had to let the top 12 tour. Pretty sure Caitlyn got lucky and was only allowed to join the tour b/c they knew they needed Philip for the tour and couldn't have one without the other.

I'd have cut Jason and kept Philip. But I think I have said that about 5 times now.

Crafty P said...

Crystal- I think you are so on there about needing Philip for the tour.I think they really wanted him on tour(he IS the ONLY hip hopper this season) and Caitlyn got lucky!

THe judges sometimes get to me (I have a hard time with Mary's voice and botox) at times, but I like to hear what they have to say as well.

I thought Jason was sure to go this week. Ade's solo was drop jaw awesome. The flip at the end looked like it was in slow mo!! loved it.
I knew Caitlyn was leaving last night. At least I was hoping.

Yes, Jeanine's outfit was yuck-o, but I still love her!

Let's hear it for the top 10 and season 6!!!

thanks Megan for all your hard work this week!

Rachel said...

Man! No Pittsburgh tour date? Courtney and I totally rocked out the show when they came to Pitt last year....seems like just yesterday. Ahhhhhh.

Anywho. So glad Evan and Randi got to stay. I hope they will do well with a different partner, though it will be tough for Evan since he's probably boob height for most of the other girls. It could be distracting for him. Maybe another guy will bring out Randi's sexy side...

Bummed that Kupono IS STILL HERE! But, so in love with Kayla. She might be my fav.

Ade is growing on me, but there is something about him that rubs me the wrong way...I can't quite figure it out. I wish Melissa would have dressed more like a ballerina and less like a back up excerciser in an instructional video.

The Kelly Rowland performance was awful. The back up dancers alone ruined it enough...Yikes!

I'm glad they kept Phillip for the tour, but it's kind of a shady move. Not really fair, but hey, Nigel said he talked to the producers of the show about it...of which Nigel is the lead producer!!! Who's going to argue with him?

Good work, Megan. I've never been to New Jersey. (As an after thought, that is a total lie. Ocean City, NJ, baby!!!) And I'm glad we're catching on with some new comers, too!

Cindy said...

Ok in truth I ws in total shock. I thought for sure it was Jason and Caitlin. When Melissa and Ade were in the bottom three I was no way. When Philip and Jeanine were in the bottom three my first thought was ew what a gross outfit, my husband said its not even attractive it makes her look gross. Then I said sorry Catlin and Jason your gone. SO when Philip went who was Tim's favorite, I think my jaw hit the floor.

I loved the opening number but I think that I am finding that I love NapTab!

Couldn't believe what Nigel said about the results. Knowing that morning and already picking who they want to cut before they see the solos. I wish they were surprised and that the solos made more sense. Do you think the AI judges know who is getting kicked off each week or are they surprised as well? (Just a side note.) Tim actually couldn't believe that Nigel revealed that takes some of the mystery away. Oh well he is a producer, well the producer!

Agree with the thought about why have a top ten if you are going to take the top twelve on tour. Kind of confused by that.

But I was amazed by Ade and thought the back walkout was amazing. My husband said thats not even a spring floor, wow!

Courtney said...

I'm obviously a bit late- but wanted to weigh in on the top 10 vs top 12 drama. Last year Rachel and I went to the see the live show in Pittsburgh- and guess who was there: Chelsea Traille and Thayne. (They were the last two cut before top 10). They always have to take a couple extra dancers in case someone gets hurt. I think they just chose to announce it this year, to entice fans of Phillip/Caitlin to come see the show.

Not as shady when you think of it that way.....

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