Tuesday, December 15, 2009


Comments include spoilers for the finale, so enter at your own risk!!!

OK, I am in the midst of my post about my visit to see Pioneer Woman but I at least want to get a Sisterhood post up. I am still watching the Finale, but so far I have really enjoyed it.

I just watched Kathryn and Jakob's dance and was stunned. It was just so good. So good. It basically rendered Adam Shankman speechless!!!

Other highlights so far....Ellenore and Jakob's piece by Tyce, Ryan and Kathryn's samba.

I didn't love Ryan and Ellenore's weird contemporary one, but that seemed like a combination of weird choreography and no backstory to help understand it!

My favorite guy is Jakob (since I am still a bit heartbroken that Legacy is gone) and my favorite girl is Kathryn (I liked her when she was known as the high piched crying girl...I'm just saying). I would love to see them as the final two, with Jakob (just because he truly is the best dancer) winning it all.

Ashley and Ryan just danced. I was not into it and I got yelled at by Matt because he thought it was very touching and sweet and I missed it all. So you'll have to let me know what you thought!

Russell and Kathryn finished off the night with a hard hitting Nappy Tabs routine, that I loved. Lots of cool moves and just good old hip hop with no props or masks or costumes. Doesn't hurt that it was girl Kathryn and the sweetest guy ever, Russell (close second to Jakob).

So what did you guys think of tonight's finale? I was so happy not to see all the solos, but I think Jeanine's solo in the finale was what gave her the edge over Brandon to win it all.

Ok, those of you still watching, chime in and discuss away!


Rachel said...

Thanks for pushing through and getting the post up, Megan! So cool the you got to meet the Pioneer Woman, too!

I loved last night's performance show! I agree that technically, Jakob is the best dancer....BUT Jay and I both agreed that he and Ryan are great partners, not necessarily the favorite dancer.

I already watched the results show...Are you going to do a post about it? I don't want to spoil it for anyone who hasn't watched yet. I predicted that Kathryn would win. Am I right????

Hurry up and watch!

Megan said...

I thought the finale performance show was great too. Can't believe they picked two of the routines to use the next night as a favorite dance (or is that just a sign that there weren't that many memorable dances throughout the season?).

As for results...I was pulling for Jakob but not at all surprised that Russell won. The final four went down the way I predicted, even though I would have loved Kathryn to win I just didn't think she could overcome the two guys popularity.

I didn't really like the results show though. I didn't like a bunch of the dances they picked to showcase - the three tappers? For real?!!! And the Bollywood? Not that great the first time around....I wanted more LEGACY!!! I could think of at least two more routines I wanted to see that he had danced.

What did you think of Russell's celebration? I was a bit surprised by the shirt rippage!

Rachel said...

I've never been a huge fan of looking angry and full of rage when you're super happy about something! Smile! Don't gnash your teeth and tear your clothes!

I felt bad that he hurt himself...it must have been during the hip hop routine with the other guys. Did you see anything??? Good thing they had the performances on tape, though! Ha! Cat made it sound like they just saved the day by happening to remember to cue up the dance tapes!

I fast forwarded through most of the special performances and a lot of the favorite routines. I agree that I could have used a few more Legacy numbers!

I must have missed it, but did Cat say when the next season will begin? Please say summer! Maybe we can breathe some life back into this Sisterhood by then!

Crafty P said...

I thought this was the best show of the season, Megan. Really love Jakob and Kathryn, too. I've been her fan for a long time.

I have yet to watch the results show, but know that Russell is the winner. Gosh, it was such a hard season to watch, don'tcha think?

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