Thursday, February 11, 2010

Always On My Mind

I have an issue which involves me constantly thinking. If things are busy, I have so many thoughts and things that come to me that I am afraid I am going to forget that I have a hard time falling asleep at night.

Matt often makes fun of me and tells me to STOP THINKING!

Ella without a doubt takes after me in this sense. Always at nighttime, no matter how tired she is, as soon as the light goes off she is full of questions and wondering all sorts of random things. For awhile I had to put a limit and let her have three questions, but that back fired because she always felt like she had to have three questions and she would stall and hem and haw until she could come up with three and then they were usually things like "how do they make air?" "how do they make boxes" and so on...

The other night she reached a new level of inquisitive non stop thinking. She had had a cough and cold the past couple of days so I went in around midnight to check on her and see how she was doing and double check that she didn't have a fever. I placed my hand on her forehead (nice and normal thankfully!) and straightened the covers. As I did, she rolled over, opened her eyes and the brief conversation went like this

Ella: "Mom, do I have four Webkinz or five?"

Me: "Uh....I don't know"

Ella: "I think I have five, but I'm not sure."

Me: "Uh...Ok, sounds good, goodnight."

Ella: "Goodnight mom"

She rolled over and went back to bed.

So weird and yet it felt scarily familiar!


Crafty P said...

love those random conversations with kids- in the middle of the night.

Max woke up one night and asked Vinny if he'd be coming to our school's open house. SOme things just can't leave their brains!

ps. LOVE that you're blogging so much!
pps. recipes!!! bring 'em on! you know how much I love to read about food, my dear!

Rachel said...

Love this! The other night, our Bella woke up to ask me..."Mommy, can we buy croquet?" "Sure, go back to sleep."

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