Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Super Snowstorm Part 2

(Click HERE for Part 1)
Sunday morning we woke up to a beautiful sunny day and two coughing girls. Ella's didn't sound good so she had to stay home from church and miss the birthday party of a classmate as well. Catherine is never one to be left out so you whined about going to church with Matt, summoned up some pretty convincing coughs of her own and stayed home with Ella and me.

Ella was ok with staying home for, oh, about 20 minutes, and then she went into a downward spiral of grumpiness based around how un-fun it was to be stuck at home when she could be at church (which just figures because there are some Sundays when she complains about going - she is not too consistent in her likes and dislikes, it all depends on her mood.).

When Matt got home I told him he had to take the girls out for some snow play time. I know, I know, they both were slightly under the weather, but I thought the fresh would help their mental health (and mine) as well get some nice cold air in their lungs (ok, no idea if that's a good thing, it just sounds better than stale house air).

What a difference a day makes. Look, you can see the road and our car. You can also see the fun snow tunnel that Matt and the girls made after a special request from Ella.

I love this shot of Catherine.

Another cute one of her peeking through the tunnel. She was the first one to crawl through, Ella was to scared to go first, she thought it would fall on her!
Tunnel shot....from the other side...

Here Ell goes, crawling through....

Here she comes, safely on the other side...
Another event that the coughs put a damper on was the Super Bowl! We were supposed to get together with a few friends for yummy appetizers and munchies that evening, but the person hosting had a sick baby so Matt and I said we would host. But as of Sunday morning, three out of the four families had kids with fevers, coughs and all that good stuff. We joked that we should get together since our kids all had similar things - wouldn't that stink for our friend who had healthy kids. Sorry, you have to stay home because your kids aren't sick! :)

So our plans to watch the Super Bowl with friends were scrapped, but I was still able to try out the two new appetizers I had planned on making, both ones I found from Tasty Kitchen. Both were yummy and I will post them soon!

I am writing this while I look at the window at the second big storm in less than a week. They have us in a blizzard warning and I am hoping and praying that we do not lose power. If we do, I am planning on moving somewhere quickly....I don't know where, but I might start making a list of nearby hotels to have on speed dial!


Anonymous said...

That would stink to be the friend with the healthy kids:P

Crafty P said...

that is one cool tunnel! we need to do that, Lord knows we have PLENTY of snow. A friend of mine made a maze in her backyard! how fun!

I have the same logic as you... fresh air would be better than staying in the house. I think that's why a bunch of friends/family have sick kids right now. Too much house time!

can't wait to see what you made- I love tasty kitchen!

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