Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Frustrations in Parenting

The morning didn't start out too bad. Breakfast was good and I was actually able to run a comb through Ella's hair and pull it back before we left to go to a brunch with some women that I was in a Bible study with last year. There were alot of kids there - kids that Ella has played with and was very excited to see. But it ended up being a morning full of lots of whining and her being too timid to do much. Of course there were moments when Ella had fun - usually involving eating or chasing Catherine (who was having lots of fun). When I had to move the van to let someone leave Ella had to come with me so I just put her in the carseat and she sat in the car until I went back and gathered up my things, got Catherine and said good-bye to everyone - which took 10 minutes. And she was happier just sitting out there! Why? She is usually a pretty social little creature but lately she's been shying away and wanting my or Matt to play with her and getting whiny when we don't.

Then she decided she didn't want to take a nap and kept running to her door and opening it and crying and then running back to bed. Of couse being very loud the whole time to increase the chances of Catherine waking up. I had to go up about four times and put her back in her bed and tell her that she had to have quiet time if she wasn't going to nap. Finally it seemed like she was going to settle down and go to sleep. FINALLY I am going to get some work done and maybe some time to myself. 15-20 minutes pass and I'm feeling pretty good. But wouldn't you know it a storm rules in bringing along some loud thunder boomers (Ella's name). I was in the kitchen when I heard a yell and I knew that it was Ella. I found her upstairs sitting up in her bed with her blanket over her head, crying. She was upset and said "the thunderboomers were so so sad". I knew what she meant! :) In that moment all the frustrations of the day were gone and I just laid in bed with her and held her close - glad to be able to comfort her.

Now the rest of the day was still frustrating - Ella decided to pee on the potty while wearing her underwear - on purpose. But it was nice to have a moment to realize that as much as she drives me crazy she's just a little girl who needs her mommy to keep her safe.


chrissie k said...

Beautiful new page, meggercakes! All you have to do to respond to a tag is copy the questions and answer them. You usually end it with tagging 5 others but they have to find it themselves ;)

Cindy said...

Meg, I understand the frustrations. SOmetimes they seem so easy to love and other times they try our patience. I thank God every day that he lives inseide of me and loves me even wwhen I try his patience with my self destructive and whiny behavior. Keep on Keeping on mommy and God will reward!--Cindy

BethK said...

Hey, this is Elizabeth King (from Grove City), I followed Christina Costain's blog to yours (she has a link to mine on her page) and hope you don't mind but I enjoyed reading it and hearing about your journey through motherhood and life in general. Thought after I read your post today that I would just take a minute to encourage you and let you know that you are doing a great job.Before you know it, those little girls will be potty trained, staying in their beds, kissing you good-bye and heading off to school like my oldest-- so hang in there. Again, hope you don't me reading your blog but what a great way to know you are not alone in this adventure. Take care!

Kate said...

Love the new look Meg! You're a pro!:) I agree with Cindy...all I could think as I read your post was how easy it would be for the Lord to exhaust Himself with us each day. Yet despite our behavior, He scoops us up in His loving arms and tenderly cares for us! Hang in there...you are a great mom!!! Ella and Catherine are blessed to have you!

Erin said...

Nadia's not really at the exasparating age yet, but I've already had my moments where I still love her so much, but I'm just irritated with her. :) I'm sure many more days like this will come...

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