Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Irrational Fears

That's what we're dealing with currently. Ella has developed some big time fears that really make no sense....
1. People dressed up like animals
OK I can understand that a bit - a giant walking talking cow might be a bit scary (Chick-fil-A), but why be scared of a giant life sized Twinkie giving out free Swiss Cake Rolls? Both resulted in major freak outs from Ella - tears, trembling, yelling. If she didn't like Chick-fil-A nuggets and playroom so much I don't know if we would ever be able to go there again.
2. People with tattoos
This is a new one - she's seen tattoos before but we were getting ready to leave a restaurant last week and she saw an older man with long white hair covered in tattoos. He was a bit odd looking but not really because of his tattoos - but of course that's what stood out to her. I was hoping it was a fluke but she saw a woman the next day with tattoos and was scared again.
3. Cement trucks
I hope it's not all trucks - this one reared it's ugly head today at the park when a cement truck pulled about 30 feet away to do something. That was it for our picnic - Ella had to sit on my lap and pulled my arms around her tightly. Then she wouldn't walk back to the car so I had to push her in the stroller while carrying Catherine and our bag of stuff. So I'm praying that she was just in a weird mood. I don't think we can avoid trucks.

Now that I got that out of my system I need to focus on So You Think You Can Dance.

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