Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Anyone out there...

read the last Harry Potter yet?

I would love to have someone/anyone to discuss with. I spent about 30 minutes trying to sum it all up to Matt after i finished reading it Sunday night - he read books 1-4 so he was genuinely interested, but I think I lost him after a bit.

It's kind of a weird feeling to come to end of the Harry Potter story. I've always loved Harry Potter and been a fan since the get go. I'm not one of those who spends time in between books pondering what is to come and debating various theories with others. I just get very excited when a book is about to come out, buy it right away, read it right away, and then feel sad/depressed when it's over. The last couple of books (not #7 - I won't post anything about that for those who haven't read it yet) I've felt sad because of how they ended and some of the characters who were lost. But now, to be at the end is a different feeling. I guess it's called closure!

So although I don't want to discuss specifics I would love to hear if you've read it and if so, what did you think? Loved it, hated it (hard to imagine), just so-so? Did you cry or stay dry eyed? Did you feel closure or do you want more? I'll post my answers in the comments....


mego said...

Ok - I loved the book. Loved it more than the last couple for sure (at least 5 and 6). Definitely cried - a number of times throughout the book. THere are definite little details I would have liked, but overall I am content and happy with the series as it is. I'll miss Harry Potter, but I'll look forward to reading it with my kids when they're ready.

Erin said...

We sort of already went over this, but yes, over all, i liked it a lot. i was pleased by how it all came together.
have you seen the order of the phoenix yet?

chrissie k said...

uh, this is completely HP unrelated (we just bought the first book! -- can you believe we've waited this long to join the hype?)

i just got your message last night. man, i have been really bad about listening to my messages! we will bring khaki and jeans to the beach.

love you guys. and are looking forward to seeing your family like crazy!

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