Monday, July 30, 2007

Childhood Favs...

My friend Jodie over at A Beautiful Collision just added a post about remembering those movies that she watched over and over again as a child - on sick days or rainy days. You know, the movies that you basically know by heart and just thought were the greatest thing ever. You can check out her blog to see her thoughts, but I thought it would be fun if you all started sharing your childhood favorites. When I fill out those online profiles for blogger or facebook one of the categories is movies and for some reason my childhood favorites never seem to make the list. But when Jodie mentioned sick or rainy day movies a few came to mind immediately...

The Star Wars Trilogy. Yes I would watch all three movies while at home sick. In fact I wonder if I was really that sick because I imagine it would have been tough to stay conscious through 6 hours worth of movies. But after you've seen movies five plus times you don't need to concentrate that much. I remember getting to the end of Return of the Jedi and feeling so sad that it was over. No more "galaxy far far way", no more Hans Solo and Chewbaca and R2D2 and Luke and Leia. Little did I know that all those happy memories would later be tainted by Jar Jar Binks.

Back to the Future. Oh my I loved this movie. Or, more importantly, I loved Michael J. Fox! I remember being on the bus for first or second grade and the girl sitting next to me asked if I had a boyfriend. Of course I said "yes". "What's his name?" was her next question. To which I responded "Michael, Michael Fox". It wasn't a mistake either, very deliberate on my part. It was as if leaving out the middle initial somehow would make it less obvious that he was a famous actor. Anyway, that movie brings back memories of a birthday party that my dad surprised us all by renting Back to the Future (do you remember what a big deal it used to be to rent new popular movies? Unlike today when there are at least 100 copies of a new movie.).

I'm sure there are others, but those are the ones that jumped out immediately and brought back very tangible childhood memories.

So sorry Jodie for completely copying your post. I just couldn't help it! And for everyone else - please share. I know you already have something in mind. And while you're at it check out Jodie's post for a trip down memory lane with Daniel and Ali (if you don't know I don't know if there's any hope for you - JK)!

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megan said...

So funny to read this and think about it. When I was a child, we just had TV. VCR's either hadn't been invented or weren't in wide circulation yet! Yikes...I'm old!

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