Thursday, July 19, 2007

All in a day's work

Today I cleaned out our fridge. I hate cleaning out the fridge and rarely do it. This should be obvious by the pictures I've posted. It's typically Matt's job because I get so grossed out by all the old leftovers and yucky food that has gone bad that he has to do it. I think he gets grossed out too, but he knows that I will hold out longer so he caves in and does it.

Just to keep you all somewhat interested I figured I would post some "before" pictures. This was after I had cleaned out the bottom shelf so about a third of the mess is actually gone already.

Wow, look at all those salad dressings! Who knew two people (two salad eaters, that is) would need so much dressing?

Luckily this time around there weren't too many mold leftovers. There was actually a container of moldy macaroni and cheese - I didn't think that was possible and I know it wasn't too old, which leads me to think there might be a problem with our fridge. Actually we have had issues with the door not closing well. I sometimes wonder if it's because our house is so old and the floors are a bit crooked so gravity is working against it. Unfortunately it's most likely due to the fact that the fridge is overstuffed and it's physically impossible to close unless really pushing it shut. Still with me? Anyone completely disgusted with me?

I found a great deal of expired condiments, tortillas, salad dressings - things like that, items that gets in hidden in the back of the fridge and replaced with newer stuff. Well, except for the salad dressings - those are quite obviously displayed on the fridge door. I guarantee that I have never served any of you expired salad dressing. I'm quite good at checking the dates. But if I am good at checking dates, why why why are all those containers still in my fridge? I think that's a whole other issue that I'm not gonna get into now!

So now for the after pictures....

A couple of things to note. When I was looking at the pictures on my LCD screen I thought perhaps you wouldn't be able to see the difference between the before and after. Ha ha.

Anyone need some mustard? The top right of the first before picture shows four, actually I think five (a small one in between the two larger ones) mustards. That's after throwing away a few. I like mustard as much as your average person. But according to my fridge I must be a really big fan.

Onto the door.

My apparent love of mustards is surpassed by my love of chocolate sauces. Now that I won't argue with, but I was surprised that I had enough sauces, syrups and toppings to fill a whole compartment.

Anyone else notice the big yellow jar in the bottom left compartment? That's a jug of Jose Cuervo Margaritas. Before it was hidden in the back of the bottom shelf. I figured that was a real waste - I would totally forget it was there! And now that I've remembered I think I'll be enjoying a margarita tonight!

Now I need to go throw out ALOT of trash! And I gotta go grocery shopping - my fridge is empty!


Jodie said...

this is really funny, Megan! I can totally relate. Now that we live in Cleanville there are no messy fridges thanks to OCD Ann, but if Jeff & I were left to ourselves, our fridge would look just like your 'before' picture. We usually collected pickle jars and bags of shredded cheese....

mego said...

Jodie - bags of shredded cheese - forgot about that one! i threw a couple of those out as well.

Mary@notbefore7 said...

Wow! Inspiring! That looks great - good job. Nice to meet you today!

Kimmy said...

Hi, I'm just responding to the comment you left on my blog to win Kimmy's Collection of Recipes. Thanks for visiting! FYI . . . I need to clean out my fridge too; I've been putting it off for too long. I don't want to do it, but I have to!

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