Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Free shipping

This is my first time posting on Works for me Wednesdays - it's hosted by Rocks In My Dryer and always has at least a hundred helpful tips and ideas submitted by other bloggers. I think I first heard about it from Crafty P awhile ago and I'm always suprised when I check in each week and see that the ideas keep coming.

I hate finding a good deal online only to realize that after you factor in shipping it's not such a good deal anymore. That's why Wal-Mat's Free Store to Site shipping works for me! They now have an option to buy items online and have them shipped free to your local store. I recently purchased on outdoor recliner and saved myself $15 in shipping. The shipping was very quick and I just picked it up when I had other stuff I needed to get at the store.

Not everything is available to be shipped this way, but you can do limit your search to Site to Store items. I noticed that some of the really big items - like a swing set - did not offer free shipping, and some of the smaller items (DVDs, books) had $.99 shipping (not bad). Alot of furniture had the free Site to Store shipping - a friend just bought her toddler bed from Wal-Mart and had it shipped free.

I think this is relatively new service. Around Christmas I was trying to order an art desk for my 3 year old and every store only carried it online and was charging $20+ to ship it. Site to Store was only available in about five states - not mine of course, which was a bummer because Wal-Mart's price was the best. Now it's offered in probably all BUT five states. Hopefully this is helpful and you can save some money on shipping costs while taking advantage of good prices.


Jessica said...

that's a great tip. I think some stores with wedding registries do this too (Linens'N'Things does, I'm pretty sure). Makes it easy to order something off someone's registry and then just swing by someday to get it!

peace of Christ to you,
Jessica Snell

megan said...

REI outdoor equipment also does this, too! Great store, and they have an online outlet, also.

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