Sunday, January 13, 2008

A Giveaway

I found this giveaway through my friend Julie (at Green Eggs and Hammes - a new and very active blogger). Her friend Greta is doing a jewelry giveaway that ends tomorrow. She's giving a pair of really cute earrings that she made. She'll pick a winner at random tomorrow and the only catch is that she needs 20 entries - and she's not there yet! So if you're interested in winning some earrings...head on over - ASAP!!!


Greta said...

I don't mind the link at fact, I appreciate it. Thanks and good luck!

Teri said...

Megan - thanks so much for your encouragement. It's been a long, tough road for us & I don't mind people knowing about it...I first started this blog as a private outlet for my emotions (over a year ago), but with the start of the new year, I realized that I need to let everyone (friends, family, etc) know the pain that we (infertiles) go through everyday. I'm actually glad that someone I know personally will be checking in on my blog. I've been meaning to comment on your blog for a while (found it through your facebook page) because your little girls are just adorable! Maybe I should have just emailed this comment to you, too! :) ~Teri

PS - your prayers are VERY appreciated!! :)

Suzy said...
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Suzy said...

cool jewelry. thanks for the link.

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