Wednesday, January 09, 2008

In My Opinion

I sat down the other day and was messing around with my blog template, changing some of the code and moving things around - you know, just tweaking it a bit! Hopefully that statement will be true at some point this year because I've decided I need to want to learn some basic html. See, I've already mastered the strikethrough. Not really though, even that took me awhile! I just want to be able to adjust things and perhaps personalize it a bit more and sometimes I get so frustrated with the layout that I know it would make things easier if I knew how to fix it.

As you may have noticed I added some new lists to my sidebar. I figured it would be fun to add the books that I'm reading and movies and shows I've watched recently and enjoyed. Because I have mastered the strikethrough I am able to show that I already finished The Other Boleyn Girl and One Missippi. With The House that Cleans Itself I probably will be reading it all year long because I can't get past the chapter where I have to draw a layout of my whole house and divide into zones. Not gonna happen.

I also hope to indicate, especially with the movies, whether I liked them or not. Matt and I have a monthly blockbuster plan so we watch alot of movies. I'd like to offer my highly refined opinion to my fellow bloggers so I can let you know when not to bother. For instance with Hairspray -"I was bored and John Travolta in drag and a fat suit was weird". I know, I should have pursued a career in film review. Any type of organized system may prove to be too complicated for me so I'll probably go the Michael Scott route and give some a thumbs up or down, some stars and some smiley or sad faces.

Rather than going back and trying to include all the books and movies that I've enjoyed I figure I'll just start with the most recent! I realize everyone has different reading and viewing tastes and we won't always agree. But when I find something I really have enjoyed I am compelled to share that enjoyment with others. I bet that for those of you out there that read this blog and have watched Veronica Mars and/or Friday Night Lights it's because I encouraged you to. And by encourage I mean put the DVD in and turned the TV on and made you! And for how much you resisted you have to admit you loved it! So therefore I must have decent taste so I feel alright in putting some likes and dislikes out there. Feel free to add your opinion at any point or offer some recommendations.


Erin said...

i'd love to know which books you like. i don't read much right now, but mostly because all i have to read are all the books in my house that i've read 10 times already...

Suzy said...

How in the word did you strikethrough your books??? I've tried on my blog and I can't get it to work. Ok, now you've challenged to work on my html blogging disability. :)

Kevin and Amy said...

I love this new feature on the Demos blog! I will certainly stop by for many book and film well as an html lesson or two.

I'm probably way behind the times here, but I was told to go read Velvet Elvis...any thoughts on that? Just finishing up Kite Runner (wow, very heavy stuff, huh) and I just read The Thirteenth Tale which I thought was fabulous. Haven't seen any movies in a while because Kevin and I are doing our darndest to catch up on LOST before the new season comes out.

Ah, so much media to enjoy, so little time.

Congratulations on your beautiful new nephew, too!!! I can't believe Mike Koerber is a dad!!! Wow!

mego said...

Erin - I would recommend Peace LIke a River- I loved it...would read it again..
Suzy - it actually has nothing to do with my html ability, but instead of adding items in a list, add them as text (an option with the lists and links and polls). Then you can edit the text and html..
Amy - I just got The Thirteenth Tale from the library so it's good to hear you liked it. Everyone I know has read Velvet Elvis and liked it. I got halfway through and got stalled. Probably because I found another book and got sucked in...

renee said...

i promise i didn't resist watching friday night lights - i just seriously kept forgetting, and also just didn't make time to fit it in! but thank you for putting it in our dvd player, pushing play, and then leaving saying, "you have to watch!"... so glad we did and i honestly love it. we'll finish the season eventually - then we'll have to catch up on this season! :)
(love the strikethrough feature)

Crafty P said...

well, tv and movies and books, huh. I don't get to do too much with the books anymore. I'm ashamed to say that. i watch too much tv and still HAVE NOT watched friday night lights. sorry!

I did thoroughly enjoy your Corn Chowder recipe. hearty and delish! I didn't add the potatoes and it was still very very yummy!
thanks for the food rec!

Crafty P said...

oh and on the html.... i was hooked on learning things in the beginning. i found some helpful websites out there and did a lot of viewing people's blogs in "page source", I think. it helped me to see the whole code.

I think I talked about it or had some links in my beginning blogging days on blogspot. see the archives.

Suzy said...

thanks for the prompting! i figured out how to strike through my read books on my book list. ps. love the pictures in the next post.

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