Thursday, January 31, 2008

Trader Joe's Love

This past Saturday I went to Trader Joe's with my dad, Matt and the kids. 45 minutes later we left with a few bags of groceries. Seems simple enough, right?

Not so simple though. You see, when I walk into Trader Joe's my eyes kind of glaze over and I become overwhelmed by all the interesting items in front of me. From fresh fruits, veggies, breads, baked goods, all varieties of frozen foods - from fish to bon bons, deli selections, sauces, chips, canned goods, trail mixes, cereals - I walk in that store and want it all!

For whatever whatever reason my brain gets all foggy (too busy imagining eating everything) and I just can't think clearly, so I need your help!

What are some of your favorite items from TJ's?
What have you found to be a real bargain?
What do you really love, regardless of the price?
How about anything you've tried that you wouldn't buy again?

I'd love some input because I always like trying different things and getting good deals - both of which are easy to find at Trader Joe's.

And since I'm asking you to share, I figured I would share some of my favorites....

Guacomole and Salsa - it's in with the fruits and veggies and oh so delicious. We've run out of chips and I'm just looking around for stuff to dip in it. I actually like it more than regular guacomole (gasp!).
Toasted Almonds - I don't typically like whole almonds, but these are slightly salted and toasted and wonderful little snacks.
Frozen pizza with carmelized onions and gryere cheese and ham - This was in the freezer for a long time before I finally made it and it was yummy. Cut it into bit size pieces and it would make a great appetizer
Frozen tuna steaks - Trader Joe's carries a variety of well priced flash frozen fish. I've only tried the tuna and it was great. Try marinating it in TJ's Mojito sauce.
Spicy Black bean dip - One of Matt's favorites. Also, fat free!
Frozen Spinach artichoke dip - why bother making your own.
Bruschetta (in a jar, not fresh) - tastes wonderful on Italian toast or on your favorite pasta.

That might be it for now. I'm sure I'll continue to think of more!

Looking forward to hearing your input! I might have to schedule another trip this weekend!


Teri said...

Ooh! I wish we had a TJ's - I had a friend who used to live in Manayunk and she WOULD NOT stop talking about the place - I've yet to be there myself, but it sounds like a place I would love...

Kevin and Amy said...

Oh boy Megan, you have hit on a fabulous topic!! And I cannot wait to see what wonderful things I can win at the other blogs that you mentioned in a previous post...I plan to hit the proverbial jackpot. favorite thing from Trader Joes is the creme-filled cookies. They're like white oreos. Oh my goodness. They are heaven in a cookie.

And if you live in a state that allows alcohol to be sold in Trader Joe's...I love the whole choose-your-own-six-pack-bottles thing. And who doesn't love Two Buck Chuck.

Honestly, what is there not to love at Trader Joe's. Such an experience. I once saw a line wrap the whole way through the store and out the front door in Manhattan. No one even looked bothered or surprised by it. People love their TJs.

(Also...thank you for all your comments at our blog are such an excellent encourager!!!!)

Crafty P said...

you just described my Trader Joe's experiences.

I asked the same questions on the Cooking LIght board and got tons of responses. From that thread, I made my list. I don't get to go very often, but I LOVE TRADER JOE'S!!!

The frozen spanakopita was awesome! There's too much for me to think right now, my head is getting foggy as I type.... I'll be back

Dawn said...

I was so hoping that the old Superfresh building in Ptown would become a Trader Joe's (I even wrote and begged them!) but alas, we're getting yet another Wawa!

We go to Trader Joe's any chance we get!! I have even bought some house plants from there...

Favorite items:
Fresh salsa
Frozen ready to eat edamame
Granny Smith Apple Granola
Pita chips
Pumpkin Butter (when in season)
Sweet Potato Puree Soup
Chocolate Peanut Butter cups (they are AMAZING)

I could probably go on and on....

chrissie k said...

I can't remember the name of them... but in the freezer section there are green tea ice creamy things that have a sort-of mushy layer to them. Wow, I love them... and crave them every so often. They are Asian... I don't know why my brain can't remember the name of 'em. They are also available in chocolate and strawberry.

I delight in their salsa chips w/ guacamole as well...

I just plain out LOVE the prices on produce too!

Gosh... yes, I am in love w/ Trader Joes.

Heidi @ GGIP said...

They have a cheesesticks product that is good and I also like the frozen burritos. I too get caught up in all the interesting products. Luckily, I live a 20 minute drive from one.

Anyhow, Hi! I'm around visiting the blogs of people who entered my contest. Thanks for stopping by. I hope you feel welcome to visit again anytime.

Jodie said...

I like the bag of kiwis for $2 - can't beat that price! We always pick up a bottle of Italian soda (it's like lemonade) - it's real good. The thin pretzels are a good snack, and the mini peanut butter cups are delish.

Things to stear away from - cardboard looking fiber Cheerios/oats cereal. I've heard some people rave about the boxed soups... we don't like them so much. Thanks for the ideas! I'm going to check out that salsa/guacamole....

renee said...

mmmm...what's not to love at TJ's?! LOVE IT LOVE IT. I HAVE to go again sometime soon. I'm in need of a Trader Joe's run.
Love their coffee - the Santa Fe brand. Love those frozen orange and lemon sorbets in the oranges and lemons. Love the artichoke stuffed tortellini (with olive oil and cheese - yum!). Love the veggie sticks (like potato chips but healthier) - Nolan loves those.
Love the peach salsa....
so much to love!

Nancy said...

I love TJs, but am not a regular shopper. We have one about 15 or 20 minutes away, so it's never become a regular stop. However, we've recently switched to using many organic products and I keep hearing that they have some really great prices, so I'm thinking it might become some place I frequent more often. I'll have to write down some of these suggestions before I go!

Suzy said...

I've never been to a TJ's. I've heard great things about them. Someday...

Courtney said...

I want to go NOW! Great post...I'll get back to you with my favorites after my next visit (which I have a feeling will be soon!)

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