Friday, September 19, 2008

First Day of School

This week the girls finally started preschool. The church where they attend school was undergoing a construction project and the preschool decided to push the start date back a week so there was less construction going on in the classroom area. I am pretty fond of starting, not the day after Labor Day, but one week later. Especially with the really hot weather we had that week I felt like it gave us some extra time to swim and enjoy a few more days of summer. But that extra week that pushed us into mid September? That had both girls pretty restless and anxious to get started.

That's putting it lightly. For Ella it meant a few times during the week she was crying about how much she wanted to go to school. When the day finally came everyone was ready to go and excited!

Here are a few pictures of both girls on their first days.

Catherine really was that excited and enjoyed her time. I thought it would be so much harder to send Catherine (last year I got a little teary eyed when Ella left), but I can honestly say I was just so entertained by Catherine (ready to go with her backpack on 20 minutes before we had to go) that it didn't even cross my mind to be emotional.

Her favorite part was making hand prints on a big folder that she brought home to store all her artwork in over the year. It was also someone's birthday so they got cupcakes for snack. I hope she doesn't expect that every day.

Ella knows most of the kids in her class from last year and I think it's going to be a good year because all the kids seem to get along. One of the boy's mom told me that her son had asked if Ella was going to be in his class this year - uh oh, I better keep my eye on him! There is also a little boy from her class last year that just liked her so much and is in a different class this year. His mom was so disapointed for his sake that she arranged a play date so he'd get to see her. She's a heart breaker at the age of four. I am already praying that we make it through the teen years!

Next week they'll be on their normal school schedules of Ella going Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Catherine going Tuesday and Thursday. Anyone catch how nice that schedule is?

Total sidebar here... for those of you who are regular readers here you'll know what I mean when I say that Chuck E. Cheese has now been added to the list of places we will never ever go again. Ever. Never ever. If you want Ella to come to your birthday party, do not have it there. Maybe as time passes the wounds won't be as fresh and I'll be able to share the whole story, but for now that's all I can say about it! Now I'm off to pour myself something to drink! :)

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Tasha Antonia Hoover said...

aww! I can't believe it-both girls in school, wow!! i LOVE the pictures of Catherine by herself giving the "argh, I'm a pirate" look. haha. She is so funny. So they are still not over their fear of the big mouse, huh? i can only imagine...


Teri said...

Oh Gosh, Megan - I hope that everything was ok at Chuck E Cheese, but from the sounds of it, it wasn't...yikes! I know b-day parties can be rough for everyone involved...

Yay for happy first days of school! :)

Mom K said...

How great to see the girls so happy and confident to be going off to school! Catherine is probably glad that she finally gets to do what Ella did last year. Can't believe that Ella will soon be 5. Also, can't wait to hear about Chuck E Cheese. Don't keep us waiting too long. Mom K

Rebecca said...


What adorable girls!!!!

I love all the pink and the big first day of school smiles!

Watch those boys!!!!

stella g. said...

your heart-breakers are absolutely adorable in their pink! i hope they enjoy the rest of their week just as much!

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