Thursday, September 25, 2008

Snow White becomes PG

Tonight I was reading Ella the story of Snow White. I was tired and reading a bit quickly...

I got to the part about the dwarfs working in the mine.

It went like this...

"At five o'clock their workday was over, Doc, Grumpy, Happy, Sleepy, Sleazy, Sneezy...."

Wait. I think that's a new one! I can only imagine how the dynamics of their late night singing and dancing would have changed with the introduction of Sleazy!

And on that note I'm going to make like Snow White and start cleaning in hopes that I'm allowed to stay.

For those of you who have been eagerly awaiting it's return since last May, enjoy the season opener of The Office. Have great weekends, out in my neck of the woods we're looking to have a few days of rain (although I can't complain, September has been gorgeous so far) which is unfortunate because all the fun fall and harvest festivals and happenings were starting this weekend. Instead we'll be focusing on a few home improvement projects for which I will at some point be requesting your advice and assistance. That is if I'm brave enough to post pictures!

Edited to add: It was my slip reading Sleepy and Sneezy and inadvertantely adding Sleazy to the mix - not the publishers! Please don't worry that there is some adult version of Snow White out there! :)


LifeatTheCircus said...

Yes I am eagerly looking forward to the premiere! I look forward to reading your thoughts on it. :-)

Sleazy, for real? Which dwarf did they replace?

Teri said...

I can't wait to hear/see more of your house! And I love the Snow White story...although when you wrote "Snow White becomes PG" in my fertility obsessed mind, I thought that meant "Snow White becomes Pregnant" and that would have been a REALLY funny story! ;)

PS - most half-day kindergarten programs don't account for built-in recess time. It's an unfortunate side-effect of our times :(

Rebecca said...

Ha! Sleazy...that's funny.

The Office...I still have to watch the season one dvd I bought. I want to, I really do.

But I'm always reading blogs.

I did catch Grey's tonight, though. It was a good one if you are a Grey's fan.

Look forward to seeing the home improvement projects!

Bevy said...

Was that a misprint? Would the publisher like hearing about that - sleazy is more R rated in my opinion. :(

Crafty P said...

oh do post pictures. we'd all love to help! that means I won't have to spend time on my utter chaos in my own house!

sleazy, eh? that is too funny. oh I remember the days of skipping words and making up my own stories while reading books. no more. Gabriel can read now.

renee said...

not my favorite disney story!!!! haha - too funny!!!

Jen said...

I love those funny slip-ups that happen when reading the same book for what seems like the one millionth time :)

Very funny!

Bevy said...

Well thanks for the explanation! ;) hahahahahahaaa

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