Monday, June 01, 2009

Graduation...of the preschool variety

Finally I'm getting a post up from the girls' end of the year programs/preschool graduation. It was a busy day because Catherine's program was in the morning and Ella's was later that night.

Here are some pictures of Catherine up on stage (second from the end). I was so proud of her. She sang and did motions and had a smile on her face the entire time.

Doing the motions to the Five Little Ducks song.

Receiving her certificate from her teachers

I know I'm biased but I love that sweet little face!

I was so thankful that my mom came into town so she could be there to see the girls on their special days. Since we don't have family nearby, it meant so much to the girls to have their grandma there.
Ella's evening program was a bigger deal because the kids were graduating to kindergarten. I made cookies for the reception following the program and Ella was allowed to bring a little treat to pass out to her classmates (cake pops), so when her special request for dinner was that we got to Panera's I was all for it.
After dinner I gave Ella and Catherine each a pink Gerber Daisy and then figured we would kill some time by taking some pictures. Of course since we had just handed them flowers so this is all we could get...
We were able to get them to hold still long enought to get a shot of me and my girls. I think Matt must have taken about 20 of this pose. Do you see how I'm holding Ella's hand? That is to keep her from lifting the flower up (see above) in front of her face!
I promise this is the best family shot - we have not spent enough time training our kids to actually look and smile at the camera when we tell them to!
We thought we were killing time so we didn't get there too early, but when we showed up 30 minutes before it was scheduled to start, the place was packed out. Now I know, people are pretty intense about these graduations.
Each class went up front and performed a few songs and then all four classes sang together at the end before receiving their certificates. Ella's class went last so by the time she went up to get her certificate Catherine had totally lost interest. Thankfully she was content to just chill...

Unfortunately the lighting in the church was not that great and all the pictures were blurry. Afterwards I tried to get some pictures of Ella and her friends...

(My favorite moment was when she went to give one little boy his cake pop and his mom got a picture with Ella, her son, and another boy from their class - and she was at least a head taller than each of them! Enjoy it while it lasts Ella!)
Ella had a great two years of preschool, she loved school so much, primarily because she got to see her friends! She always behaved so well and really seemed to absorb everything she was learning. Her teacher paid her a great compliment telling me that she'd take 16 Ella's in her class anyday!
So school's out and now it's June! In just three short months I am going to send my first born off to kindergarten.
Can I just stop time now? Because I just don't know if I can handle how quickly they are growing up!

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5 comments: said...

You got some great pics of the girls on their special day! I agree with you, they are adorable!!! Ella looks so grown up! Enjoy the sweet months of summer!!

Erin said...

megs, your girls are really so adorable!! kindergarten, eh? where are you sending her? i'm glad i have a few more years!!!

Rebecca said...

I don't think you have to be biased to see how cute those two are! What sweet girls! My heartstrings are getting a good tug at reading this.

Milestones, Meg. What awesome milestones for both of them!

And to think another milestone is right around the corner for Ella! Oh dear. Get your Kleenex box ready. No doubt she'll excel and be in her element in kindergarten, but it's a tear jerking day (or week or two) for mom!

I'm not even there yet and just the thought of it sends a lump in my throat!

Enjoy the summer!

renee said...

congrats ella and catherine! great pics, and LOVE the one of you and the girls - you look SO beautiful! so glad to be back home with you guys!!!!

Cindy said...

Megan- Next year Sarah will be in full day kindergarten and Derek first grade, I am going to lose my mind. I can't believe I will have two kids at full day school, I am not that old, they are not that old, sadly the time has flown and off they go. It was really hard for me to send Derek to school at the beginning of this year and now we are at the end and he will have kingergarten graduation next week. I have to say I didn't like him going off to school for the whole day and me not knowing where he was or what he was doing. Part of my growing up process! Have a wonderful summer, don't worry about the fall there is nothing you can do t prepare yourself for her to leave for K, I am pretty sure it will be just as hard for me to have Sarah go too. I think that says something about our parenting though, we muct really love our kids!

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