Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Weekly update

This past Sunday to Wednesday I was in my home town spending some time with family and catching up with old friends. It was a great few days and the kids were very busy playing with their cousins who were there visiting as well.

A few pics from my time away....

Josselyn, me, and Erin (girls I've known for what seems like forever and was so happy to spend time, all of us getting to be together for the first time in years) looking through all photos.
After looking through those high school pictures I am even less excited about bathing suit season. There's nothing like looking at pics of your teenage self to make you long for the metabolism of your youth.

These three were little water bugs during our afternoon at the lake.
The weather was changing the whole time we were there. A few times the clouds rolled in and we thought it was going to downpour but it always passed and the sun came out and we were able to have a really nice time.
When the clouds were covering the sun it felt pretty chilly and we had to convince the kiddos that it was warmer in the water than out of it. But they definitely didn't need to go this far out in the water. It was pretty windy and I was close to going out and grabbing Catherine before she could get blown away.

Here is my little 15 month old niece Norah having fun in the sand.
Catherine and Theo looking adorable together. I have one on my camera of them both looking at me, but I put these pics on while at my parents and didn't have a USB cord for my camera.
We got home from the lake around 3:30 but no way was the fun over yet! We got out the slip in slide and spent the next two plus hours having a blast as the kids went zooming down the hill and splashing into the baby pool we strategically placed at the bottom.

Would you believe that Chrissie and I both went down the slip n slide, not once, but a number of times? No? Well I have pictures to prove it but they are on my parents camera and I must have forgotten to upload them while I was home. Too bad!
It was funny because when we decided to do it Chrissie went in to get her suit on and my my mom went in to get her camera (of course!) and I ran and went down the slide while it was just me and kids. Just to make sure I wasn't going to completely make a fool out of myself by losing part of my suit while my mom caught it all on camera. Thankfully it didn't and we actually had fun reliving our childhood (I should say mine because that was the first time Chrissie EVER went on a slip n slide) and entertaining the kids.

The weather proved to be a bit of a problem because the forecast would be calling for showers and storms and we would plan accordingly (by not going to the amusement park we were planning on taking the kids to) and end up with a nice sunny day. But in typical central PA style it was still 10 degrees cooler than the Philadelphia area.
Now I'm home not feeling too great with a sore throat and a pounding head. Hoping tomorrow is better!


Cindy said...

Ok first of all I love the skirt you are wearing in that picture you look absolutely lovely. Second ah yes I remember high school metabolism and what my body used to look like and I miss it too! You kids look like they had so much fun swimming and my kids love our slip n slide too! Thanks again for having my back! Hope you have a wonderful week!

chrissie k said...

You forgot the part where the kids ran from the pool screaming, "here come the mommas!!!" every time it was our turn :)

Enjoyed that time w/ yinsers. Truly. Made me dearly look forward to the beach. How did I marry into such a rad family? I have the coolest sisters in laws EVER.

Happy said...

"Here come the momma's!" Classic!!!!

You really should have taken pictures.

And. I. LOVE. the skirt, too.

Sounds like a fun filled weekend was had by all!

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