Thursday, June 04, 2009

Top 20

Who will be in the top 20?

You know that it has been said (by non other than Nigel) that they aren’t just picking the best dancers, but casting the show. So it’s always interesting to see who they pick and why? I feel that after watching the show for a few years when it comes down the final night I am rarely surprised because they are looking for various types of dancers - so I think I predicted pretty well who was in and who wasn't. Not always the best dancers, but who the judges feel are the best dancers for the show. Often that’s a big difference!

So here we go….(I hope you guys appreciate my commitment to this -the Pens games was on and I knew I needed to fulfill my duty to the Sisterhood. But thankfully the score was the same before and after the show -so it's all good! Go Pens!) thoughts (rarely in complete sentence form) and recap of tonight's episode.

Janette…latin ballroom who auditioned in Miama and did the cool jump split flip. She’s the first one in!

Diana –Brought a monkey with her. Haven’t seen much of her…it’s a no. Lil'C says to own it and say “I wasn’t good enough”. Rough.

Vitolio – Haitain, have we seen him before? Some back story, In an orphanage…on his own since 15. Untrained, danced in the street…He’s in! His personality stood out the production team -

A bunch of no’s…many nameless…so glad they have Cat to comfort them.

Kayla – We saw her audition in Denver. Her grandparents supported her and were really cute.…don’t remember much of her in Vegas
Mia likes her...and she’s in!

I just told Matt that the naughty ballerina is still there and he laughed!

Kupono – Hawaiian – reminds us of Mark! I think he’d be good in the top 20. What do the judges think? Yay – he’s in, despite early criticism (I thought his earlier hair was cool, but the new look really changes his whole look, I think for the better)

All yes's (again totally making up the spelling and not taking the time to check)
Paris Toerre
Jeanine Mason
Karla Garcia
Johnathan P.

Brandon? Mia just dislikes him so much. Wow, she’s letting him have it! Debbie is sticking up for him. Wow, it’s almost a fight between the judges. GO Mary! He’s in…..and he brought it back to Mia pretty good! What is up with that? Anyone else see what Mia sees in his personality (or doesn't see in his dancing)? I think he just doesn't seem as loud or extroverted as the others. Not funny or goofy - just good. I like his nice smile.

The brothers are coming and I’m dreading it. Ugh.

Tony B is up. Reminds me of Ivan from season 2. He’s in and shocked! He’s one of those out on a limb dancers – in there for the growth!

Max ballroom. He’s in
Caitlin (sister) in – b/c she’s a cute blonde? Still bitter about Natalie.
Melissa – naughty ballerina . She looks fun.
Jason Glover – he’s in, hasn't had much air time, but I can tell he's a good looking guy from what little I've seen.
Ashely Ballerio – 4th time auditioning. She’s in. Can’t wait to tell mom!
Randy Evans – horrible outfit. Matt may have uttered the words "Camel Toe". I can't believe I just typed that. Her love of the unitard is talked about. And.....she’s in. A lot of blondes in this year. Or is it just me?

Alex Wong – seems awesome for what little we’ve seen of him. Similar in styles to others though. Contract with Miami Ballet Company – won’t let him go. Wow – didn’t see that coming. Wow – how did that happen? Did he not think to ask before he went? I'm surprise the Ballet Co. wouldn't let him go, but when you see the beating these dancers go through I'm sure they are just protecting him.

3 spots left.
Philip is next…which means for sure both brothers won’t make it. I like Phil, but not as much as the brother duo. But they still need someone like him – he’s for sure in. And I’m right!

Why do they do this to the brothers. They don't need to narrow it down to the two of them. I for one would like to see both of them in. I think it would add and interesting dynamic. Why….it just seems so cruel and heartless (Kanye, Kris!)? I don’t like feeling like my emotions are being toyed with. Hmmm...perhaps I am a bit too invested in this show? Nahhh....never!

Final two girls
Asuka and Dena – Asuka was my pick to go through - she seems to have a great personality to go with her dance ability. Such an awkward moment, so hard to be happy when the person next to you is devastated.

Final two boys
Evan and Ryan - both are in tears as they process that one of them is through and the other isn't. Seriously this bring me to tears. Especially listening to Evan talk about why he was often counted out as a dancer, too short, too bald - I think he would have been neat on the show and would have been a good support for the younger dancers. But as it turns out, the big brother got his little brother through. I said this earlier that I liked Ryan last year and was pulling for him to make it. But Evan's personality and creativity had me wishing that this was his time. Being older maybe he won't have another chance.

So that's it - I'm thankful this was only one hour long. Looking forward to next week when we really get to know the dancers and actually see them dance!

What do you think of the top 20? Happy? Sad? Mad? Don't care because you know we'll fall in love with them in a few weeks and think it's the greatest season ever? You have all week to discuss! See you next Wednesday!


renee said...

argh! so mad at mia for being so cruel to brandon! as you already know from me venting to you on facebook... :)
i love her and all, but sometimes she can really be "snooty" (like many in the business) and just plain mean! i'm glad mary stuck up for her, b/c he definitely doesn't seem cocky. he seems sweet.

now that that's out of my system... :)

that was so sad for alex wong! it was touching that he just wanted to express himself through this show so badly... i think he would have been great. next year hopefully!

the brothers...(sigh)... they love each other so much!!! those are 2 genuine guys that's for sure. hard not to love them both. when they both stood up there i thought, "maybe they're going to just take them both!" was touched by evan's story, think ryan will do really well.

all in all, looks like a great top 20. i'm sure we will fall in love with them all soon enough!!!

Rachel said...

I was surprised at how many girls made the top 20 that we have not seen up until this point. So many of the dancers that the show did background stories on got cut...why then go to all that production trouble????

I was soooo irritated with Mia and Lil' C. Why did they have to rain on Brandon's parade like that? Go Mary! While I can't say they were completely right or wrong, I think the timing was horrible.

If we're being honest... I think Asuka dances a bit like a stripper...all be it a good stripper, but the way she shakes her bum and looks at the judges, I can imagine dollar bills soaring through the air.

I think the brother that got cut will show up on the up coming fall season of the show...along with the ballet guy under contract and the 17 year old kid who was ineligible.

Can't wait for next week! Great job, Megan!

Crafty P said...

Megan- I am still bitter about Natalie, too. She was a ma zing! what gives???? grrr.

okay, got that off my shoulder. I was totally irritated by Mia & lil C dumping on Brandon. I mean, c'mon! He took it like a champ though. Very respectful. Glad he doesn't let it out. I, honestly, can't see what the heck they're talking about!

My vote was for Deana over Asuka (um, her name reminds me of a Clone Wars character), she was just so strong and versatile. AND I agree with Rachel @ Asuka- good call on the stripper resemblance. I just have a hard time looking at someone I can see straight through. FEED HER! geesh.

Man, I didn't know how the Evan/Ryan thing was going to work out. I totally thought they were going to pull an American Idol and have them both on the top 21!

Right now my faves are Paris, Kupono, PHilip, Ryan, and the little I've seen from Jason Glover.

Can't wait to see what's up and what music they dance too! I adore the music! love it!!!

great job Megan!

Courtney said...

You guys have said it all. I totally agree....(isn't it nice when we're all on the same page!) Rachel- great predictions- excited that we'll get to see next season sooner than later!

Renee- I too was annoyed with Mia. I actually don't love Brandon, but it was still rude of her to say what she said. I just really didn't like how she said she doesn't connect to girl dancers. I guess she was being honest but it just seemed really catty and petty of her.

Christina- YES- the music! I like that part almost as much as the dancing. I loved your comment last week that it was like Q+U. Totally!

I'm not thrilled with the top 20, but I LOVED the cast last year so it's hard to compare. I know that I'll find some favorites this time though, and I love to see what the choreographers/costumers etc bring to the show regardless of the cast, so you can't lose!

And last note- Cat is so great! I love how she genuinely consoles people, and is SO happy for those advancing. She just seems like such a great friend even while she's hosting. I bet she gets pretty attached to each cast.

Ok- can't wait for next week. Renee- I'm so jealous you get the premiere! I should have set
the line up more selfishly! :)
Great job Meg!

Megan said...

Nigel said (via Twitter) that there is talk of Ryan (the brother who was cut)coming on to do choreography, but then he would be a Fox employee and not able to be in Season 6. So he's definitely setting it up Rachel predicted.
Does that mean there is a chance for Natalie to be back as well? But it would be her 4th time - do she have the mental strength to go through it again when they cut her for no apparent reason?
My biggest beef with cutting Ryan -saying that they don't have enough room for dancers of that style. But many male (and female) contemporary dancers are there? I think it takes away from the competition and the dancers' solos when they all have such a similarity. So I def think that saying there wasn't room for one more broadway dancer was a bunch of bull! Oh well.

betsy said...

i've been on a facebook fast...but i will weigh in!! i personally like watching her and can't believe she's had the hip work and can still move like she does. LOVE Phillip and would prob boycott the show had he not made it (well, maybe not!) i'm still not familiar enough with all of them to remember each by name...i'll be back in coming weeks with an opinion...just wait! :)

stella g. said...

so i'm a newbie to this SYTYCD thing. never watched it until my SIL has some back episodes tivo-ed. it was then i decided it'd like to get addicted to the next season. i've enjoyed the last few weeks, but am really excited that it's finally beginning for real this week! i can't wait to see the different choreography. a friend and i have a standing date to watch it together ever Thursday. i'm really looking forward to it!

Cindy said...

Like Karen I am a newbie to this SYTYCD I am really looking forward to this real part starting I don't fully understand how it all works maybe you can tell me. Is there audience voting or is it call in like Idol? Anyway I am really looking forward to this. Thanks so much for recommending the show. Like that you are dedicate but I too am pulling for the pens!

Megan said...

Welcome to our newbies- Karen (Stella) and Cindy - so glad you're watching! Also, welcome SYTYCD veteran, but first time commenter Betsy!
Cindy - the dancers are matched up with partners and have to dance a different style each week. America votes and the bottom three have to "dance for their lives", basically doing a solo in their style. This way, if you are a ballerina and your first week was hip hop and you didn't do so hot, this is your chance to redeem yourself. The judges then pick the guy and girl to go home (not necessarily partners). When we get down to 10 dancers, it's all in the voting, no more judges deciding. said...

I am a newbie too... just watching b/c of your posts and Rebecca's status's on FB. I too am eager for the "for real" part to start and appreciate your insight into how the rest will go down!

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