Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Good lookin' bunch...

This is a picture from a few weeks ago at a reunion with all my Grove City (college) friends. We've gotten together every year since graduation and this year we had 17 adults (Karen's - bottom row on the right - husband has a few weeks left before he comes home from almost a year in Iraq) and eleven kids. I just had to put up a picture of my beautiful friends and their beautiful daughters (Catherine was napping :( ). Love you guys!


karen said...

aren't we the cutest??!! what a great picture, megs. thanks for posting it. i love these blogs - catching up w/ you guys is so easy. love ya! (only 14 more days!)

Cindy said...

we are a really good looking group are we not! I miss you all so much already. SPA WEEKEND anyone?!?

Crafty P said...

LOVE IT!!!! I finally found you, Megan!!!

What a fabulous picture and will you just send it in so that we can see you all in the next issue of GEE DUNK or whatever that thing is called.

I see lots of daughters there, but I know little Miss Shannon has a son, and where was he?

I also see, I've been tagged. I'll get back to that real soon, megan! promise.

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