Saturday, September 09, 2006

More than just cake!

I figured I should post a picture of the birthday girl and not just the cake! Poor Catherine is always such a happy baby and of course the night before her party she was feeling a little warm and then was just feeling crummy on the big day. So she didn't get to enjoy her party as much as I would have liked, but Ella did have fun "helping" her open the gifts and quickly claiming them as her own (Ella went as far as asking for certain new toys to be put away so "sis sis" couldn't get them). But Catherine not feeling well really wasn't our biggest problem - our biggest problem was that we lost power in the middle of the night (Thanks to Ernesto) on Friday and weren't sure if it was going to be restored until Sunday. We decided to go ahead with the party regardless and hope for the best. But this meant that I couldn't do any prep work with the food ahead of time because I didn't want to be opening and closing the fridge too much. Oh yeah - and no showers - which I had put off in hopes of running on the treadmill Saturday morning (no run either of course). But God was good and we got our power back 30 minutes before the party started so at least we weren't in the dark and I got a speed shower.

Anyway - here is a picture of Catherine after we brought her down. That's her friend Nolan looking on, wondering what the heck is going
on- he looks a little amused, doesn't he?

She did perk up through the rest of the night as the following picture shows. As soon as she had some ribbon and paper to play with. Overall it was a nice relaxing night - I can't believe I just described a one year old's birthday party as relaxing!


nay said...

i feel so bad that catherine was crying when nolan sat down next to her! :) still, a cute pic though. the party was so fun. now i have to get through nolan's.....
love you!

Cindy said...

after having had two one year old birthday parties and only involving family and no friends I give you props for having a real "party". don't you hate it when nothing goes as you have planned it. i love catherines outfit.

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