Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Forgive me for this lapse in blogging - when I sit down at night my head goes blank. I think I say this everytime. :)

But coming up this week at the deMontaigne house - A Princess Party for Ella this Saturday. I'm making a castle cake that I found on the Family Fun website. I'm not posting any pictures of their example unless mine turns out better! So I just made two batches of buttercream icing and tomorrow I'm baking cakes in hopes of not having a kitchen full of powdered sugar and icing and crumbs at midnight on Friday. We'll see how that goes! Ella is sooo excited for this party that I'm a little nervous that she'll be easily disappointed if everything doesn't go exactly as she has planned (case in point, I would have liked the cake to be a total surprise but she said she wanted a princess cake and need to "test the waters" to make sure she would be alright with a castle cake) or go into a state of depression when it's over. At least we have Christmas to look forward to. January has the potential to be a long tough month.

I'll be sure and post pictures and details about the party on Saturday. I'm sure it will be quite the event.

Hopefully Renee will get an update on her blog soon because her family has had an eventful week. They spent two and half days down at Children's Hospital of Philadelphia with their newborn little girl Mia. She was showing symptoms that had their pediatrician concerned so little Mia had to undergo a number of tests, including a spinal tap, in order to rule out any diseases that could be dangerous for a newborn. Thankfully the doctors determined that it was a virus so they all were able to go home this past Monday and start adjusting to life with two kids. It was a scary few days waiting to hear how Mia was doing and I really haven't done any justice to their experience because 1. it's not my story to tell and 2. it really deserves it's own post. So check over to Renee's blog an update which I'm sure she'll be doing before too long. Because you know having a newborn and a toddler really don't keep you that busy!!!

I'm closing this post on a very un-serious note. But I have to put it out there because it has caused me distress and Matt isn't home and you, my blogging friends, are the only ones I have to tell about it. Sunday night we had some internet and phone problems. Our services are all through Comcast and are cable was the only one working. After a long time on the phone with a technician (extremely helpful and patient I must say) we figured out it was the splitter (???) we were using to get everything connected. In order to get our phone and internet working we had to disconnect the family room cable. Not a problem. Matt hooked it up again Tuesday night. But from that moment on the DVR box was frozen - it wouldn't turn on or off an the time wasn't changing. Again, I wasn't too worried. I figured I would call Comcast and they would send a signal (that's what they say they're doing -kind of weird) and fix it all up. That's basically what they did, but when I turned on the DVR, EVERYTHING WAS ERASED!!! For those of you who don't tivo or DVR this means nothing to you, but hopefully there are a few of you who might feel my pain. I have, I mean, had, a ton of kids' shows that I could put on when Ella would watch something at night - very convenient. I often tape something I'm interested in and don't have time to watch and I have it set to tape the shows that we watch on a weekly basis. Because rarely do we watch them while they're aired. And of course because of the holiday we haven't watched tv in a week and my Grey's Anatomy and Friday Night Lights and Chuck all were deleted. Plus the old episodes of The Office that were on there just in case I felt in need of a laugh. All gone. As I type this I realize it's not a big deal. Not in the grand scheme of things. Not even in the small scheme of things. I know that. But I enjoy TV to help me chill out and relax at the end of the night and it's nice to know there is something you're interested in watching all taped and waiting for you to watch. That's it, just had to share.

Check in the end of this week to see a cake that hopefully looks like a castle as well as Ella, AKA Cinderella. I'm sure you'll be curious to see if I am able to replicate Cinderella's hairstyle/do on Ella as she insists that I must. Nevermind that Cinderella is a CARTOON DRAWING. This does not compute to an (almost) four year old and has the potential to be our first obstacle on Saturday. Those of you with boys are just feeling pretty lucky right now!


renee marie kovalik said...

can't wait for the princess party megs! i really hope nolan will wear his tux (since i have no prince costume for him)! he can be ella's prince charming and escort her anywhere she'd like to go :)
I wish I could help you do Ella's hair!!!
I'm so sorry about your DVR. I know how much it means to you and even though we don't have it, I feel your pain, cause that would be very frustrating :)
Thank you for the push to get me to finish my blog! I needed it! :)

Crafty P said...

Oh my goodness, Megan. I am so sorry for your DVR loss. You are welcome to come over and watch some Grey's - I still have a few taped. And Scrubs from last week, too. And How I Met Your Mother (my new fave- how did I let this one get by so long?).

And I MUST see pictures of your cake. COme ON--- I showed you mine and it was not perfect- really, it wasn't. Icing hides a multitude of mistakes!

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