Sunday, November 18, 2007

Just a Few Thoughts

As usual no clear theme, just a bunch of snippets from the past few days...

1. Matt is finally starting to feel better. He left the house for the first time since Wednesday to go to church today and I am thankful we're moving in the right direction after a few set backs. Of course today Ella was having a fit of anger and resisting Matt's attempts to talk to her and she accidentally bumped his nose. Not good. I'm hoping it doesn't effect his progress because it definitely caused a great deal of pain.

2. One of my best friend's, Renee, just had her second baby, Mia Rose, tonight (I started this last night, so actually she had the baby yesterday). She'd been having contractions for a few days and was minutes from going to the birth center in the middle of the night on Saturday when things died down a bit. I think she was glad she waited because when it was time everything happened quickly. She just updated her blog so you can head there to check out some pictures of their beautiful little girl. I got to spend some time there this afternoon holding the little one - there is nothing like holding a sleeping newborn! OH yeah, I guess I should add that because she delivered at a birth center they went home 12 hours after delivering. It may seem crazy but their house felt much more peaceful and relaxing than any hospital.

3. The other day Matt was trying to get Ella into her pajamas, her Pittsburgh Steeler pajamas to be specific. She complaind that she didn't want to wear them because "I don't like the Steelers and I don't like football." Matt gasped and told her that she couldn't say that to me because that was my favorite team but since the pjs were her softest pair she might as well put them on. Done. Later on she whispered to Matt "don't tell mommy that I don't like the Steelers and football." Of course Matt is getting a kick out of this, probably hoping there's still a chance she'll be an Eagles fan (over my dead body). Yesterday afternoon as we had our afternoon football on (the Eagles mind you) Ella came up to and gave me a big hug and said "Mommy, I like the Steelers. The Steelers are really fun." Yup, working the parents already. Can you see why I'm nervous about the teenage years?

4. Compared to Ella, Catherine is the easy one. But she has started to exert her strong will in some random areas. Like socks and shoes. It's taken us about two weeks to get her to wear them without throwing a major fit. She still fights it a bit but it's gotten alot better. I haven't had to straddle her in order to force her to put shoes on in a couple of days now. I blame it on the exceptionally warm fall that we had which prolonged the use of her precious princess sandles into mid October. But now we have Dora sneakers so things are getting better. Of course putting on tights to go to church provided us with another challenge. Because of this warm fall we haven't had to wear coats to often either. It's been in the 30's the past couple days and every day Catherine insists on leaving the house without a coat. She's gets about two inches out the door before she retreats and says "coat please". Our other little issue is that of diapers. I would like to potty train but I haven't been able to carve out the time. But sometimes Catherine decides she wants to go and we'll find her pantless sitting on the baby potty. With nothing in it of course. And then there was the night when she took off her diaper and said "bye bye diaper, bye diaper" over and over again. Yes, Catherine - we do want to say goodbye to diapers. Just not right before bed. So those are some of our Catherine issues. And still I can say that she's our easy one. Doesn't even begin to compare to moods of Ella.

5. We're leaving Wednesday to visit Matt's family in Ellicott City MD. We do this almost every year, but this year my parents are coming as well. Our parents haven't hung out in years even though they all enjoy each other's company so it should be a fun time. On Friday morning I'll drag myself out of bed around 4:30 or 5am and head to do some crazy BLACK FRIDAY SHOPPING with my mother in law. There are so many deals that I really have to make a list and stick to it or I might end up coming home with all sorts of things just because it was on sale! so hard to pass up some of those deals.

Off to bed unless I can't pull myself away from Monday night football. Matt needs four points to win in a Fantasy league so he might need some moral support.


Anonymous said...

Megan!!! Our world keeps getting smaller and smaller! I learned last night that you guys are friends with Courtney and Dustin! How fun! We love them over here in the 'burgh. Hope the hubby is recovering well!


mego said...

Hey Rachel - Matt was on the phone with Dustin and I had him ask who his AD was and then said that I "knew" you. Pretty crazy! Do you have blog? If not you'll have to start one!

Kerri said...

I had to read Christian your paragraph about Ella and the Steelers. The terrible towels are already out on our coffee table. he was questioning my Steelers loyalty tonight (b/c i'm a bigger Penn State fan, but the Steelers are of course my fav pro team!) So i had to read him your blog post.
he interrupted me halfway through though and questioned with disgust "Matt's an Eagles fan!?"

mego said...

He is a Steelers fan, but does not have the passion or commitment that I do. Living in Philly for 10years now has taken it's toll on him so now I have to say with great sorrow that he is an Eagles fan. :(

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