Friday, March 14, 2008

End of the week updates

News from the home front....

The week started off with an addition to our extended family with the birth of Nora Grace Koerber to Matt and Chrissie. You definitely need to check out their pictures (hopefully more soon!) and Matt's unconventional way of announcing the birth. It really cracked me up because it sounded so like something my dad would have done. Over the years I am continually tickled by how much my older brother is like our dad. I am seeing it in Mike, my younger brother, as well. Must be that as you get older you lose some of those youthful inhibitions!

Nora was born on Monday and I knew they were in the hospital that morning and told the girls that baby Nora was on her way. We were in A.C. Moore when I got the call from my mom that she was born and was a healthy 8lbs 4 oz. When I passed the news along to the girls that baby Nora was here they both cheered and clapped. And then proceeded to demand to go see baby Nora. We told them it was a long drive and we'd go there eventually, but not now. Ella responded with "but mo-om (the two syllable version of mom) you said she was here!" I'm not sure if they thought she was a few aisles over in the scrapbooking section, but they definitely thought she was close enough for a quick visit, rather than 5 hours across the state. When will I learn!

Ella had her second swim lesson this week and did great. She ran over to me afterwards with her cheeks all rosy and said "I had a great time!". But then she lamented over not learning anything new that week. I think she is gearing up for when they go fully underwater. During the drive to the community center she kept asking outloud "I wonder if we'll go under." Took me awhile to realize she wasn't talking about a bridge or underpass she was thinking we would "go under" but her swim class. I'm hoping that's something they do with them because that's really her big fear.

The girls both have coughs again. A month ago Ella had bronchitis and I am praying this cough doesn't develop into that. Any ideas on dealing with coughs, especially now that there is so much concern about using cough medicines for kids under six??? I just want to avoid it developing into something worse.

I really want to go to Kohls and get the girls matching Easter dresses. I don't need to because Ella's dress from last year still fits her. But I want to. Isn't this dress so cute? And it's only $10!!!

Chances are I wouldn't be able to find it in their sizes at the store -but it just seems worth the try since I have a 20% off coupon.

Lastly - I am trying to help Ella deal with some four year old rejection. She has a friend at preschool whom she plays with outside of school occasionally and loves so much. But this friend has another friend at school that she often picks as a partner or playmate instead of Ella. If Ella is "picked" to play with it just makes her day, but when she's not she is crushed. Ella is super sensitive - which is good in some ways because it makes her sensitive towards others - but in this case it's not because she's so upset all the time and it makes her want to save seats for her friend and not play with the other kids as much. It's hard for me because I know her friend's mom so I am comfortable having Ella play at her house and vice versa. I don't know any of the other mom's as well, but I guess I need to make the effort so Ella doesn't get so fixated on playing with this one girl. So hard to see your child feel the pain of rejection. I want to comfort her but also try in as much as her four year old mind can comprehend - help her get a little perspective. Doesn't seem to be working. :)

Finally - the news you've all been dying to hear! I started using my new purse. Thank you for the feedback. I'll let you know if it looks like it's developing into a Long Term Relationship or just a Spring Fling. To soon to know...

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renee said...

Yay norah grace! She's beautiful! I left a comment :)
Love the dress at Kohls!

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