Monday, March 10, 2008

A promise to my purse

I don't spend a ton of money on purses or bags so I usually like to get a new one when the season changes (this coming from the girl who never carried a purse until her first job after college graduation is pretty crazy stuff!). For me, getting a new purse is like starting a new relationship.

It starts off like any new relationship -with the same promises. Promises that I know will be broken. They go something like this....
I promise that I won't fill you up with endless meaningly receipts and coupons that I will never look at again.
I promise that I will put my cell phone, keys, changes, lip gloss, etc in the nice pockets you provide, making them easy to find.
I promise that I won't carry sippy cups and allow them to spill all over you.
I promise that I won't carry bags of snacks and allow them to spill all over you.
I promise to throw away all used napkins, tissues and other crumpled up pieces of paper rather
than allow them to collect in you.
I promise that I won't inadvertently set you down in something wet or sticky.
I promise that I won't leave you behind.
And finally...
I promise that I will still like you after a week.
I guess you can only help with this last one - I typically decide fairly quickly that I don't like the purse or bag I've picked out. I guess it stems from becoming a purse person later in life - I have
buyer's remorse or I don't trust my decision. As you can see from the shot above- the tags are still on - it's from Target so it's easily returned...what do ya think??? I know some of you out there have opinions, so I better hear from you!


Teri said...

Meg - I love your purse and now I want to go to Target...I'm like you, though...I never really carried a purse, though I did always keep a small one in my backpack throughout college, mostly for the purpose of holding all those feminine belongings that you wouldn't want spilling out all over the floor in front of the cute guy sitting next to you when your backpack decides to split at the seams (that never really happened to me...but I'm a pessimist AND a planner, so you can see how well I thought that one through in order to be proactive & prevent such a predicament!). I'm already SO over my purse that I bought last summer at Kohl's - good thing I only spent $17 on it so I won't feel so bad getting a new one this fall...

renee said...

love the bag Megs! you did a good job.... you almost can't go too wrong at Target :)
It's nice and springy with a cool design. I love green, and it will compliment a lot of outfits. I love the list of promises... all of which I break to my purses all the time. I'll try my hardest to keep you accountable to your purse :)

Kevin and Amy said...

Oh boy, I go through that SAME procedure every time I get a purse! And I never really brought it to a conscious level but now it's clear as day.

Anyway, I for one LOVE your new bag and I think it will be the perfect piece for spring! Enjoy your new "relationship!"

Crafty P said...

that is hysterical.

1. I feel the same way about purses. Love them but then I'm like, do I love you enough to use you everyday?

2. The last purse I bought sat around for over 2 weeks and still did not get used... I took it back to tjmaxx. I call it my two week rule. If I don't use it/wear it in two weeks, I take it back. no remorse.

3. i'd like to see that irish soda bread recipe. Gabriel's got snack duty next week and I'd like to compare it to the recipe I have. Oh and the pie recipe, too. Great idea for St. Paddy's Day dessert!

Courtney said...

I like it! I was actually looking for a purse at Target today...they didn't have that one though. And I went home with nothing. Boo.
My main requirement in a purse? Zipper at the top. I don't know how people deal without that key feature! Also- must match black AND brown, and work for dressy and casual. And be big enough for all of my crap. But small enough to carry everyday.
Now you know why I've carried same purse for 4 years. Oh MAN do I need a new one, but I'm pretty sure it's "til death do us part"
with this one. We are getting scarily close to that point...
Glad you found a new friend though!

Erin said...

I'm with Courtney... i usually carry the same purse until it's fraying. Got a new one for my birthday as a present. I thought i liked it at first, but i'm discovering the lack of interior pockets is a major handicap for me. i can't find anything! it's too big and not a place for anything. i miss calls all the time because i can't find my phone fast enough. So that's my advice... make sure you can put your keys and phone somewhere specific!

Erin said...
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Tasha Antonia Hoover said...

i think that post was beautiful... :)

Kelly W. said...

I love it... its green, what more do you need than that... safky i can never carry a purse because I hate breaking promises and I would break all those rules... to me if I have kids under 5 any purse is still a diaper bag.

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