Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Springtime Learning

I love that it's slowly (I don't love the slowly part) starting to get warmth enough to play outside and ride bikes and play at the playground. I've had alot of fun pointing out all the plants that are starting to peek out from the ground and digging out the ride-on and push toys and taking walks with the girls.

Catherine seems to be going through a bit of a relearning process. She tends to be timid especially when trying new things. She was so excited to get in the long tree swing for the first time since the fall. Catherine went for swing rides every day that we were outside from spring to fall last year. She hated - HATED - not being pushed high. She wanted to first push to send her flying into the air and would be unhappy if I took a few practices pushes. Apparently she forgot that during her winter break from swinging. When I gave her the biggest push possible she freaked out and started crying. She only wanted the tiniest pushes possible - from one extreme to another.

When we tromped through the muddy back yard to the swingset she seemed more than willing to climb up to the slide - until she got to the top and froze and started clinging to me. I had to basically carry her up and then went down the slide together.

In both cases, she learned quickly and was fine the next day at the park.

I didn't realize that I had some relearning to do as well. Playing in the backyard requires attention to a particular element when you have a pet. Yup, the dog poop. It wasn't until we were back inside when I realized that I must not have paid enough attention to this not so little element! We all took our shoes off and washed our hands and I figured we were good. But then Ella came up and gave me a big hug and said those three words that everyone wants to hear "momma (don't count that one), you smell stinky". That's when I realized that we were so not good. I'm still grossed out just thinking about it - even though every article of clothing I wore has since been washed - even my belt, because Catherine did a good job of dragging her foot all over me as she made me carry her up the slide - after stepping in dog poop.

So we've all relearned some important things this week. Catherine remembered that slides and swings are fun. I remembered the importance of keeping my eyes peeled. Fun stuff all around! More fun for Catherine of course.


Erin said...

oh, megs, i hear ya! we were out just for a few minutes and after contemplating all the sticks and debris that needs to be cleaned up, i quickly discovered that we'd need some poo removal too. yuck!
btw, i tried emailing you the other day and it got returned. new address or something?

Prodigal Jon said...

Thanks so much for checking out my site,

That's been a fun one to write. If you ever have any ideas you think I should add to it, by all means let me know.

Thanks again

Tasha Antonia Hoover said...

haha. you can always count on kids' honesty!! Can't wait to see you all soooooo soon!! xoxo love you

renee said...

ewwwwwww - haha! gotta love the poop stories - kids or dogs! :)

Anonymous said...

We used to have two huge dogs and every spring "the smell" would rise to greet us. Our backyard was referred to as the poop farm. We would hire a high school kid, and call him the poopsmith, to clean up all the poop and then give him money toward the YL summer camp trip.

Let it be clear.....I do not miss the poop farm.


Teri said...

just lovely, Megan! ;) LOL! I can't wait for the "real" spring weather to get here either!

Courtney said...

so cute (and messy)!

Kevin and Amy said...

Nothing can more loudly announce that spring is on its way than the aroma of dog poo. We are so lucky that our dog likes to do his business in relative privacy...meaning he likes to find a nice ivy patch or something. Keeps the yard nice and tidy!

Glad you and the girls are getting to have some fun outdoors and relearn all those fun things that were in hibernation through the winter!

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