Sunday, March 23, 2008


I spent some time this week talking with Ella about Easter and what it was all about and what happened and why we celebrate. We would read chapters from her Jesus Storybook Bible (love love love it) each night before bed and one morning when she woke up she brought it in with her because she wanted to continue the story from the night before.

When I turn off the light at night she always starts to ask questions and this week they were often about Jesus and dying and the cross mixed in among random questions like "can I wear a dress tomorrow" and "can I watch Cinderella tomorrow"?

I wasn't sure if she was getting it and realizing that the Easter bunny is fun and all ,but not important (I like Santa but for some reason the Easter bunny annoys me - I guess I can only take so many imaginary characters. What will I do when we have to deal with the tooth fairy?). The other day she was in a whiny mood and asked in a very frustrated/sad way "Why did Jesus have to die." Awwww. Which was followed with, in the same breath and equal frustration "When is the Easter bunny coming?"

Today when I picked her up from Sunday School her teachers wanted to share with me what she'd said to them.

They asked her why we celebrated Easter.

Ella: Because Jesus rose from the dead!

"And then what?"

Ella: He put his hand in the air!

"Why did he do that?"

Ella: Because he beat the sin!

I think she gets it!

It brings a mental picture of Jesus in a boxing match being declared winner over Satan. Oh wait - I think that's actually a Carmen song - and I just might have re-enacted that song, "The Champion" for our church Easter service one year in high school (very true story that you will probably never hear anymore about). I promise, she got that on her own - it was a one time deal.

I hope you all had a blessed Easter weekend!


Kevin and Amy said...

Well that was the icing on the "Easter Celebration" cake! What a sweet story and what a wonderful testament to how God uses children to help US better understand His message! Well...He uses children AND Carmen I guess! What a fun memory, that "Champion" song. Those were the days. I bet that was 20 years ago. Wow.

Hey, and thanks for the encouragement with the Katherine name! My middle name was Katherine (switched it to McHenry) and it was a family name and I always loved it. Interestingly, we learned well into my life that my great-grandmother's name was spelled with a C, not a K, so there you go. Maybe C is the way to go!

Erin said...
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Erin said...

I'm sorta with you on the Easter Bunny. Though, I'm really kind of weirded out by the whole Santa thing too. There's just something sort of strange about straight up lying to your kid about a holiday when the whole meaning is not even related to the lie anyway... if you follow that. But anyway, very cute story. Sounds like you had a nice Easter!

Whales said...

I also agree with you about the Easter thing. I read a quote on a blog yesterday regarding that, which I really liked. "Every dead bunny has always stayed dead. But Jesus is risen. He is risen indeed! Alleluia." taken from
Anyway, glad to hear you had a great Easter. It is so exciting to see our children understanding the real meaning of it all, the holidays and life. -Crystal

Anonymous said...

Great story. So glad you and Ella are enoying the Jesus Story Book Bible. Oh, I remember the Champion--too bad we don't have it on video--or maybe we do have it somewhere. I think I'll begin the search. Love, mom

renee said...

Cutest comment by Ella! (one of the many...)
kids always suprise us, make us laugh, and make us think all at the same time...

Mike, Sharon, & Caleb Koerber said...

Megan, I definitely remember the Carmen "Champion" play - that was definitely a shining moment in the field of drama. I think we did it for an Easter Sunrise service, and I think I was in it as well - but I can't remember what parts we played. Anyways, we're glad to hear you guys had a good easter and we feel blessed to have parents that have blazed the trail ahead of us and we can turn to advice as Caleb grows up. Tell the girls we all said hi.

Crafty P said...

Okay, Vin and I had a long (somewhat) conversation the night before Easter about the whole EB thing. I was saying the same thing... I just get a little perturbed about the whole animal delivering baskets thing. I can handle Santa, but the EB... shudder.
We decided to not talk so much about him and just talked about the baskets and the REAL meaning of Easter.

anywhoooo... I, too, LOVE the Jesus Storybook Bible (no bulging eyeballs!!!) and I LOVE the story of Ella getting it! those are the jewels in our days, Megan!!!

Anonymous said...

I love that Carman video and song! He's done some awesome work. Oh - and the comments are activated on my blog - took me a while to figure that one out. Oops! Loved the Irish Soda Bread! :) I have a little entry about it and took a pic and everything.
Glad you had a Happy Easter!

Kristen M. said...

I love this post! (I found your link at the bottom of my blogher ad). I have a giveaway on my blog for "Miss Patty Cake's Eggstravaganza." It is a dvd for preschoolers and it teaches the Easter story using Resurrection Eggs. You are welcome to come and enter (all you have to do is leave a comment).

Sarah said...

Megan, I love the story of Ella getting it and how fun that it was actually on Easter! So exciting.

I also really like your movie list - I wrote a few down and might try seeing them sometime. I also loved Once and Amazing Grace - those are two of my favorites.

Anonymous said...

I never gave much weight to Santa Claus or Easter Bunny or Tooth Fairy and so never lied to my kids about any of them - they were fun characters and that's all:) I was lied to about Santa and it caused a crisis of faith of what I could expect from my parents that was true. :( Irish Soda Bread was great! :) Yummm!

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