Thursday, April 10, 2008

bits and pieces

Updated: The link from the Today Show now works

I'm sitting her just killing time until I can watch The Office. I figure now's a good time to throw out some random thoughts and updates while I wait!

First of all - thank you all for your kind words in regards to my "get in shape girl" post. I have to let you all know that after I had Catherine I remember meeting with my midwife for my post partum checkup and we were talking about weight. I wanted to lose a certain amount of weight to be where I was before I had the girls. When I told her the number she said that was a good weight for my frame. So I feel like it seems reasonable for me to want to lose that weight and it's stuck in my head that that is what I should weigh. Everyone else I know loses all their baby weight, plus more! But also- it's the way I feel when I'm not toned at all - I just don't like it. I like feeling in shape and strong - but too often I feel lazy and tired. Enough about me - let's talk about those of you who also had Get In Shape Girl sets! The theme song or catch phrase has been in my head for days now. I wonder if anyone can find their(or their sister's) old set? Perhaps they were not the type of quality toy that was worthy of being saved over the years!

Secondly, can I say how happy I was all day today?!!! It was gorgeous all day long - I just wanted to soak up the sun and be outside as much as possible. After a park trip and picnic after Ella's school, we got home around 1:30 and Ella was insisting it was hot enough to get the pool out. I said no, of course. Luckily the pool is hidden away in storage because if not, I am pretty sure she would have found a way to get it out, blow it up and fill it with water all in the few minutes it took for me to go inside with all our stuff. Instead I came out and they were in the back yard, with the hose on, spraying each other. Completely dressed of course. The environmentally conscious decision would have been to turn off the water, but instead I grabbed the camera and took pictures! I'll post some soon. Afterwards Ella was cold and begging for hot chocolate. I told her she just proved my point that it is too cold to go swimming in April.

Thirdly, anyone else out there checking all the bottoms of your plastic bottles and containers for the number 3,6,and 7? What do you all think about this? I did throw out some items today that had #7 on them because two of them were kids' cups and I figured there was no reason not to, even though these studies about the chemicals won't be able to show long term effects for another 20 years of so. I watched this video on the Today Show and they referred people to a website that is sometimes hard to get through to because of the high traffic volumn. You can get a safe plastics guide there which is pretty informative.

Finally....hmmm...I forget. Oh well, perhaps it important enough to warrant it's own post!
I'm off to hang out with my friends from The Office. Enjoy your evening!


Erin said...

can you send me the url for that website. I see a lot of "7"'s on stuff... my OJ container, etc. I'd like to read up.

Crystal said...

AH, I have no idea what you are talking about regarding the numbers on my plastic, but as soon as I finish my blog reading, guess I gotta go read my sippy cups! :-( Thanks for the tip!

Regarding the Office... I ti-voed it last night and can't wait till we can watch it tonight... Hooray for the end of the strike! I was getting so impatient!

Moriah said...

This has nothing whatsoever to do with your post, (sorry) but I couldn't figure out how else to reply...

The earring storage. I actually bought that at Claire's Boutique, are you shocked?! I was there getting earrings or something for my daughter and saw it and thought since it was wooden, it didn't look too teeny-bopperish and would match my other jewelry box. Which it does.

Hope that helps!

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