Monday, April 21, 2008

More about me

I was tagged last week by Suzy of Pris Place and I figured since I'm obsessing over this Bloggy Giveaway this week, now would be a good time to post something easy. Although, I have to say that finding 7 Random Things about myself wasn't too easy...

1. I have double jointed toes. I can curl my toes completely under and walk on them. It is my deepest wish that one of my girls would inherit the freaky toe gene as well!

2. I think sandwiches and salads taste better when someone else makes them. I could sit there and say exactly what I want on it or in it and it would still be better if I didn't make it.

3. I have a tendency to be shy and insecure. It's something I grew out of as I got older, but that shyness is always lingering - sometimes I am afraid I might come across as unfriendly but it's usually because I'm feeling unsure in the situation. Other times I might just be in a bad mood or something. But let's say it's shyness most of the time!

4. There are certain foods that I don't like (mushrooms, any type of shellfish) not because of their taste but because of their texture. I really can't get past the way it feels in my mouth to figure out whether or not I actually like the flavor.

5. I read at least, at least, one book a week.

6. I hate unloading the dishwasher. I don't mind loading though - just the unloading.

7. I have a hard time only doing one thing at a time - for instance, while I am typing this I am clicking over to links on the Bloggy Giveaway and entering various contests. I am also updating my movie list on my sidebar. I'll get to the book one - I just can't keep up with it. I think from now on I'll only add books I've read (all of the ones on there so far).

So that's 7 random tidbits of information about me. I won't tag anyone in particular, but if you do it, let me know so I can make sure and check it out!

Also- make sure you enter my giveaway - post below - I'm giving away cookies and a cookbook. Check out the Bloggy Giveaways that is currently going on. There are some awesome prizes this time around!


Teri said...

Megan - I agree completely on numbers 2 & 3 - maybe I will post this list to my blog tonight...while I'm addicted to the Bloggy Carnival, too. :P

Kevin and Amy said...

Well Amen to the whole "sandwiches and salads are better when prepared by others" concept. So true, so very true.

AT LEAST a book a week, huh?! So there's hope for that even when motherhood kicks in? Thank you for the inspiration!

I've got to figure out this Bloggy Carnival thing...sounds like free stuff and GOOD free stuff! So much technology that I'm behind on, it's all so overwhelming.

Great post, and amazing toe capabilities, I might add!

chrissie k said...

i have 2 responses:

1) isaac absolutely hates mushrooms and will everything ELSE. i didn't realize it was an inherited trait ;)

2) do you ever win anything from the bloggy giveaway??

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