Thursday, April 17, 2008

Office fans

So did anyone else out there give a little squeal of delight while watching last night's episode of The Office? Or perhaps two squeals!!!??? I thought the entire episode was great - mostly because nothing super crazy happened - the ordinary antics of The Office are what make it so funny.

A few of my favorite moments off the top of my head...

Kevin threatening to quit over the walk to work....and basically every line he had tonight (which was more than usual)

Michael's Oscar Mayer Weiner lover comment

Michael and Phyllis and her professional softball player friend and a rowboat

Creed on the phone with Pam - everything he says cracks me up

The look on Toby's face when Michael says he wants to get laid

Anything else....hmmm. OH YEAH!!!! Jim and Pam's engagement conversation was killing me - in a good way! And then at the end when he got down on bended tie his shoe! How awesome was that!

Last week's episode was good, but I enjoyed this one more - mainly because last week's was more dramatic and cringe worthy (still hilarious) and I tend to like the episode's where not as much happens, but you get small significant developments.

I know a bunch of you are Office fans - so stop in and let me know what you've thought of the past two weeks!


Kevin and Amy said...

We couldn't get over how awful and awkward Michael's "date" with Pam's landlady went...oh my goodness, what is WRONG with him?!?!

How about when he said "this is her face, but you can't see her whole body, she had a b**b job." And then he had called Jan by accident. Too much.

Megan said...

Amy - I kind of glossed over the awkwardness of Michael's date in my excitement about the other events. Yeah - his perception of himself is waaaayyyy overrated. Glad that she told him he was rude!

Teri said...

Megan - thanks for the IVF prayers!! :) I don't really "watch" the Office, but Gregg does and I was so excited to see the e-ring that Jim got for Pam...that definitely made me squeal - I only watch that show for the Jim-Pam romance :)

chrissie k said...

i loved this past weeks office FAR more than the first. i cannot bear the awkwardness of michael and jan... and man, that 1st one was TORTURE for matt and i. this past week was one of my favorites. so fun that it's back!!

LifeatTheCircus said...

We also really struggled through the first one... watching Jan and Michael was painful. Although it had its humorous moments. Like when Dwight shows up with the cooler and who was that lady? I have seen her on something else before. I also thought it was great that Jim stole the CD for them to listen to in the car at the burger place.

As for week 2... hooray!! laughed so much... Jim's shoe tying antic was so cruel and yet funny. Also enjoyed the literal dancing on the grave while singing American Pie.

I am happy to have the new shows back... any idea how long it will last? Will they go into the summer to make up for the barren winter?

Thanks for visiting my blog and commenting! You made my day!

Mama said...

I LOVED it when Michael tried to say his name wasn't Michael and then the coffee guy called it! He is the king of the awkward moments! We have a lot in common, including your fave music. My fav Shane & Shane is Psalms.

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