Wednesday, April 02, 2008

a great reason to be pray -UPDATE

At the end of January I posted about a blog I had been reading called Confessions of a CF Husband. Short story - blog is written by Nathan sharing about his life with his wife Tricia, who has Cystic Fibrosis and their baby girl (born at 24 weeks) Gwynneth. They are an amazing couple - Nathan shares his heart so openly - whether it's about his love for God, Tricia or their baby - it's hard not to be touched by his vulnerability and also his strength, as well as Tricia's.

Here is a link to a news story that the local ABC station did on them. I hope you would take a few minutes to watch it - it's worth it and it gives you a clear picture of why their life is so compelling.

After recovering from the birth of Gwynneth, Tricia has slowly been making progress towards getting back on the transplant list - something she needs in order to survive the year.

Just a few minutes ago I read on their blog that they got the transplant call and a set of lungs were donated that are a match and the surgery is a go! Tricia is already in surgery at this moment. Her family won't know anything until the surgery (double transplant, btw) is finished, another 7-9 hours. I urge you to take just a minute to pray for a successful transplant for Tricia and for comfort for her family as they wait. Also - go to their blog - - and read up on their life. If you feel brave - post a comment- Nathan has said a number of times how encouraged and blesssed by the number of people praying for them.

It's amazing how we can have this sense of community with people we'll most likely never meet in real life - God takes this crazy internet thing and uses it connect people all over the world and form a virtual web of support for those who are in need. Pretty cool stuff. I hope you'll join me in praying for this family. Thanks!

UPDATED: Tricia's surgery was successful and now she is in the midst of a long recovery process. Continue to check out Nathan's blog for further updates. And, of course, keep praying!
Also - Nathan himself stopped by and said thanks - just shows how much he appreciates knowing that people are lifting Tricia and Gwyneth and himself up in prayer.


Nancy said...

I've been checking in at CF Husband since your post in January. Thanks for pointing it out! I'm SO EXCITED that she's getting the transplant! So amazing! I, along with tens of thousands of others, will be beseeching God on Tricia's behalf. What an amazing thing, this Kingdom of God.

renee said...

Wow. Amazing. What a beautiful story and video was unbelievable. How can anyone deny there is a God and a powerful one at that? That baby was so tiny.... a true miracle.
I completely cried when I saw the video, and I pray that God blesses this family so that others may come to know Him and His completely miraculous works. Life is such a gift.
Can't wait to find out how it went....
Thanks Megs!

MilePost13 said...

Thank you!

Crystal said...

Thanks for the info and links. I went to his website and plan to keep following their stories and praying for them. It is amazing how God can use the internet to unite people that otherwise wouldn't have met until heaven. Pretty cool I think!


Crafty P said...

wow. that is amazing! I totally missed your first post about the family. I will certainly pray and forward this along to Amy Vile- who has a close friend with CF.
It is such a miracle that they were even able to have a baby! WOW!

And you are so right... it's awesome how we can reach out to one another in this 'place' and life one another up in prayer.

Thanks for sharing this, Megan.

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