Monday, April 07, 2008

get in shape girl!

So it's Spring. I know it's been Spring for a few weeks and it's only 45 degrees out, but it's April and we are forecasted to have three days in a row when the temps break into the 60's - so there's no more denying it.

I love Spring, I really do. I love being outside again and actually feeling warm when the sun is out (For the last month, anytime Ella sees it's sunny out she gets all excited, thinking that summer is here!). But along with warmth and outside play and planting flowers and vegetables comes the nagging thought that won't go away... "I'm going to have to wear shorts soon. And not too long after that I'm going to have to wear a bathing suit."

My exercise regime hit a low over the past few months. Shorts wearing weather just seemed so far away and I figured that by not running I would avoid any possibility of those pesky migraines. I honestly can't remember the last time I ran - perhaps a mile or so in February? So I've decided to double my weekly workouts! I've been doing a step workout once a week, so that means I only have to do something one more and I'm good to go.

Actually I do want to start getting back in shape. I liked how I felt when I was running - I liked that I was pushing myself and getting my heartrate up. I don't know if I'll be getting to the place that I was but I have started walking again and doing yoga and yesterday I did Billy Blanks Bootcamp for the first time in 2008. Today I'm having a hard time standing and sitting. Other than that I'm fine.

When I'm having a hard time motivating myself I just picture myself in a bathing suit (I actually tortured myself a bit too much and I actually tried one on. It was too much to take in and I don't plan on putting myself through that again for at least another month or two.) I am also considering ordering an incentive suit - one that will encourage me to firm up and lose a few pounds. When I told Matt that he wondered if perhaps I wouldn't fit into the new suit after I lost weight, i.e., it would be too big! I loved him for that because it helped me realize that the likeliness of me buying a bikini that become too big for me is probably as likely as me permanently losing the five pounds that I've been complaining about for two years. Hey, I'm trying to be realistic here. Shouldn't stop me from wanting to get in shape, just maybe will stop me from heading over to jcrew.

I'm also trying to figure out how to eat healthier. I really don't want to diet, but I do know that my body frame probably could stand to lose a little weight and that won't happen by just exercise. Lately I've been feeling yucky if I eat late at night so I've decided that my goal will be to be done eating at dinner and avoid those late nights splurges. I love food and I love sweets and I'm prone to just snacky because something is in front of me - eating right is much more of a challenge for me than exercising.

Finally I've got to start becoming comfortable in my own skin. I have never been comfortable with my body and how it looks. I never felt skinny in college, but I look back at pictures (bathing suit ones even) and wish I could have appreciated it and realized that I looked good. Man, it is hard to even type that because I never let myself believe it. If it was a challenge accepting myself then I can't even begin to describe the challenge it is for me now. But I do know that it's got to be part of the exercising and eating right package.

How are you all feeling as Spring is starting to draw us outdoors? Anyone else nervous about bathing suit season? If you're not, please tell me your secret - I've got two months to learn!

PS - Anyone else have the Get in Shape Girl equipment as a youngster? I believe my set had ribbons!


Mike, Sharon, & Caleb Koerber said...

Actually, I'm really excited about the spring time as well - but not so concerned about looking good in my bathing suit yet. I did get a nice speedo when I was in Germany last summer as my incentive suit, but I don't think I'll have the guts to break it out in the US. In conclusion: it's so nice to be a guy and be able to kid ourselves into thinking we look good no matter what we're wearing.
- Mike

Crystal said...

I totally hear you! I have been saying that I want to start week.... for a few weeks now! We are going on a beach vacation for the first time this year and I really want to be able to walk around in my suit with confidence. (boy, that is asking A LOT) We'll see... Karen and I talked about running a 10 mile race at the end of August... Since the most I have ever run, EVER, is a 5K I gotta get myself in shape too!!

Courtney said...

I totally know the feeling. I wore shorts to work today (to WORK, I know!) and I felt weird all day. That once a month Zumba class is not getting the job done.
And for the bathing suit thing? I bought a one piece for my spring break trip. I was the oldest and lamest girl there. Oh- and pale. Let's not forget that part!
So no real advice, just some commiseration!

Mike, Sharon, & Caleb Koerber said...

Megan I bet you will look the best in your bathing suit this summer since you have not had a child this year:) I did just buy a new one tonight and I did not enjoy trying them on. I would say that this is the first spring that I am more nervous about my body, but I usually just say that there is more of me to love:)
P.S. I think you are hot and I cannot believe that you ever worried about your appearance:)

renee said...

Megan, I know I say this all the time, but you do NOT look like a mom of 2 kids! You are so beautiful and so tiny. I know you and I could go on for hours complaining about our bodies and then telling the other "whatever! you're so thin!" but seriously, you look so great. I'm definitely concerned for bathing suit season as I just had a baby 4 months ago!
Oh, and my get in shape girl set had the ribbons too! :)

Kevin and Amy said...

Well now I've heard it all.

Megan, you have a body that is ENVIED! Now, to be fair I haven't seen you in person since college, but you were Ms. Athletic tiny and so fit! And I've seen the pictures that you've posted on the blog and I think it's fair to say that you could PRODUCE the next version of Get In Shape, Girl!

You look amazing and I sincerely hope that you will gain the confidence to beat this body image nonsense. I don't want to be anywhere near you during swimsuit season Ms. Hotness. You look like you're 24. That's probably your waist size, too, huh, you little thing.

Teri said...

Oh! I totally wanted the ribbon dancer Get In Shape Girl when I was little, but I got the bangle weights instead...oh gosh - the memories of "working out" in my basement with that!

But I feel the same way as you, Megan - I was JUST thinking yesterday how I wished that I had appreciated how thin I was back in high school & college because I've got those pesky 5 lbs around my thighs (and the ugly cellulite) that I just can't seem to get rid of...although sitting on my butt all night after I come home from work doesn't really help. I also find myself getting really depressed about it because I can't really talk about it with anyone, since everyone considers me so "skinny" - no one wants to hear a thin person talk about how they would like to lose 5 lbs...but really, if you saw me in a bathing suit, you would see the ugly cellulite, which I hate...I just need to work out more & simply walking doesn't seem to help (which is really the only exercise that i actually enjoy)!

greg. said...

my get in shape girl set also had ribbons.

oh wait, did i just say "my?" i meant my sisters' set. yeah.

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