Monday, April 14, 2008

Such strong convictions

Tomorrow night will be Ella's final swimming lesson. I'm not sure if she's learned alot, but she did volunteer to "go under" a few weeks ago. That is a huge milestone for her, but unfortunately the thought of doing it again upset her to the point that she barely got in the water at the next lesson. But now we have a nose plug (water up the nose is her biggest concern and I'm not sure if the instructors are teaching how to avoid that.) so she's pretty psyched!

I just had to post that picture above. It's not a very clear shot, but it captures Ella in her own world - if I had to guess she was probably singing or talking to herself as she walked along.

Anyway - in honor of six (hopefully) successful swim lessons, I'll share a brief story/conversation that took place between a few lessons ago.

I parked the car at the community center and as I got out I was hit with a smell that was reminiscent of
the unfortunate incident I had in the yard with the girls a few weeks ago. You know, the one with the dog poop? As I opened the door for Ella to get out, I immediately began a quick survey of my clothes and shoes (shoes especially!). Right away she commented on the stinky smell. By now I realized that all the landscaping was freshly mulched and I pointed it out to Ella and explained where the smell was coming from.

She held my hand as we walked towards the building. And then said "Momma, I thought you pooped in your pants!"

I burst out laughing "Ella, why ever would you think that?"

To which she replied, "I don't know mom, I just felt it in my bones."

So good to know that she has such strong convictions


Nancy said...

Hilarious! I just laughed out loud! Thanks for sharing that story. The stuff that comes out of their mouths...scary sometimes, isn't it?

Crystal said...

That is hilarious!! What an awesome little conversation that was!! Thanks for sharing! :-) Thanks also for visiting my blog!!

Suzy said...

You've been tagged for a meme. See my blog for details.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the belly laugh! What a remark. Where does she get these thoughts? This is a definite comment for the record books. Love, mom

Teri said...

This story just cracks me up - and the best part is is that you wrote it down so now it is saved for all of posterity...she will laugh about stories like this someday ;)

Bevy said...

Felt it in my bones - very cute!

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