Tuesday, February 17, 2009

California at last

We left our house at 9:00 am on Monday morning. We drove to Clearfield and got the kids settled at my parents before heading on to Pittsburgh to catch our flight to San Jose. The first half of the trip went well, we landed in Denver and were about to make the rest of the trip when everything fell apart (see post below).

One quick thing and then we'll move on from the Denver fiasco. I was wrong, yes there are mountains in Denver. There just weren't any on our side of the hotel. And they are far away. But, yes there are mountains. Courtney, you can continue to have faith in the educational system.

Thankfully we got another flight this morning and now we are hanging out with the Kovalik family in California! Yay!!!! I miss my girls so much so it's nice to have a kid fix with Mia and Nolan. It's so cute to have Nolan follow me around asking me to play and wanting me to read him bedtime stories - feels just like home!

The funniest part was when he came over and snuggled up on my lap (so sweet, and helpful b/c as Matt said, I'm going to go into contact withdrawl b/c I don't the girls hanging all over me all day long). Then we went over and snuggled up with Jon. He told him "I want Megan to come and snuggle with you too!" Huh? Is this what the past few months in California has done to them? Just kidding of course, it just had us all laughing!

Since I don't have kids to play with and take care of, a house to clean and dinners to cook hopefully I'll be posting regular updates during our week. And then you can check out Renee's blog for all the pictures!


Courtney said...

Phew! I was so nervous!

Glad you're having fun! don't show me pictures though- I'll be too jealous!

Teri said...

sounds like good times! :) How are the girls faring in C-field?

Crafty P said...

man, i was going to say, where did the mountains go!

have a great time, megan and matt!

LifeAtTheCircus said...

Glad you finally got there! Hope you have a fabulous time!

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