Monday, February 02, 2009

Yes I am happy!

This morning, I, along with the rest of Steeler Nation was savoring the Steelers the down to the wire victory in the Superbowl.

It came at the end of a long busy weekend. Saturday we spent preparing for a dinner party we were hosting that night. It was an Italian themed dinner and I made Pancetta Wrapped Pork Roast courtesy of Giada De Laurentiis and homemade (I made the crepes, made the sauce) manicotti courtsey of my mom. Both were good, but I think the manicotti was the real hit of the night.

Of course most of the day on Saturday was spent getting our house as clean as possible. I also got out my nice dishes and set the table and had candles lit and the house looks so nice and cozy. I dressed up, wearing my black pencil skirt and my knee high boots. If only I had taken a picture.

Backtracking a bit to Friday afternoon. Earlier in the week Ella expressed a desire to have a Steelers shirt to wear for the Super Bowl. I knew it would be hard to find, but for some reason I put it off until Friday. On facebook I asked for advice on where to find Steeler's gear in kids' sizes and immediately received a ton of feedback. It was almost more overwhelming than not knowing where to look. I realized that if I was thinking clearly I could have had one of my Pittsburgh friends' buy me one and put it in the mail. But with a busy day on Saturday I realized the chance of me even having time to make phone calls to the various stores, let alone driving to one, was slim to none. I just hoped that perhaps Ella wouldn't notice when I put my jersey before church and all would be good. No such luck. As soon as she saw me sporting a number 86, the tears started to fall.

I remembered that I had a Steelers shirt that I longer wore because it had shrunk and was too small. What were the chances I could actually find it in my closet in the few minutes I had to get us out the door for church? I mean, I never know when I'm going to be able to find a shirt I actually wear, let alone one that doesn't cover my midriff. I consider a Super Bowl miracle (because the Steeler's winning was skill, not a miracle!) that I quickly found the shirt and Ella was thrilled to wear it. We both went to church in jeans, white long sleeve shirts with black Steeler shirt overtop. It was too cute. If only I had taken a picture.

Our Super Bowl gathering was as low key as it gets. I didn't want to have to play the role of hostess and we were still recovering from Saturday's busyiness. Just a few friends came over and hung out and ate and watched the game. I made Pittsburgh cupcakes with the girls. They were yellow/gold cupcakes, frosted with chocolate/black. Easy enough, right? Also on the menu was a Pittsburgh style sandwich - grilled chicken topped with melted mozarella cheese, french fries, coleslaw, lettuce, tomato and Italian dressing. They were just as delicious as I remembered and everyone else thought they were awesome. Of course, no pictures of the food either.

Right before halftime my friend Rachael and I started cutting out the 3D glasses for the halftime 3D special. We all put them on. And THAT is when I decided to get out the camera. So over the course of a eventful weekend I have these four pictures to share....

I also think this is the first time I've posted any pictures in 2009.
I've washed Ella's shirt and told her she could wear it to school tomorrow. I hope I remember to take a picture then! If anything, for you all to see that the shirt I used to wear isn't all that gigantic on my five year old daughter. I don't wish is weirder - that she is old enough to wear a shirt of mine without it looking like a dress, or that I wore a shirt that small. I promise you, it really shrunk!

It was a great weekend, despite the lack of pictures. I couldn't be happier that the Steeler's pulled off the victory. After Holmes' touchdown I jumped up and did a crazy and completely uncoordinated spastic dance. Matt asked why I wasn't yelling and I told him that I just couldn't. No idea why my joy expressed itself the way it did, but it was one moment when I was definitely glad that no pictures were taken.


LifeAtTheCircus said...

So, is the recipe from your mom top secret or do you think you can share?

I wish you had taken more pics...I on the other hand took more than enough pics of the event for the both of us and half of Pittsburgh! Pretty sure the blogging world and my facebook friends are relieved the season is over so they can have a break from all my Steeler talk and photos...I am a bit over the top obsessed I am afraid!

Teri said...

Great post! I would love to see pics of Ella in your/her shirt! I wanted a jersey, too & I saw one at Walmart near G's school, but I said I would get it "later" - well "later" came and they were out & I was bummed, so I got a Steelers shirt & waved a Terrible is horrible being the only Steelers fan while everyone else is rooting for the Cardinals...there were times when I really wanted to just almost cry :( - but in the end, it was worth it! :)

Anonymous said...

I think both you and Ella need to put on your Steeler attire and get a picture. Nama want to see it! Yeah Steelers. I am going around like a zombie today because I stayed up so late watching ESPN. Mom

Crafty P said...

yeah! great post Megan. I'm still amazed at the fancy dinner you had! sounds so fabulous.
gosh I wish we lived closer... you, me and shannon.

Sarah said...

I was thinking of you when they won...imagining how excited you were! You guys were busy this weekend...hopefully the week will be relaxing! And we're getting many more days until summer?!

Erin said...

hang that camera around your neck and never take it off!!:)
Go Steelers!!

Courtney said...

Wow what a weekend! You're going to have to get better at remembering to take don't want all your hard work going to waste!

And congrats on the win. Don't worry- I totally represented for you!

Rebecca said...

I'm still stuck on the dinner....was it a special occasion? The menu sounded divine. It had my mouth watering! Can you believe I've never had manicotti? Odd, I know.

You look so cute in your #86 should definetely try to get a picture of you and Ella matching...I'm sure it would be adorable.

I like how you described your "spastic" victory dance! Too funny!

Are you getting all that snow they were calling for?

renee said...

i'm so impressed by your cooking skills megs... go advertise right now to be a personal chef for people. don't think about it. just do it (well, okay, pray a little about it too:))

wish i could have joined you in your steelers victory dance!

greg. said...

steelers steelers steelers. this is the best week ever. i just got done watching the parade on tv. i'm glad you got to enjoy the game. when santonio caught the ball i cried a little. after they won in 2005-06 i never thought i'd see them win it again. unbelievable. here we go steelers!!!!

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