Thursday, February 05, 2009

Discussion Time

Hey everyone....for those of you participating in the Book Club, I'm going to open discussions tonight. I think that most of us (at least those that let me know) have finished or are about to. I don't want anyone's enthusiasm to dampen so I don't want to wait any longer! But, in case you are getting close to finishing and need this as just some extra motivation to read read read, I think we'll just start with some basic stuff - your overall feeling about the book, liked it or not, the writing style, etc....we don't need to go into any major plot details right away. So that way you can contribute without worrying that something will be given away. I'll post something in the facebook group at some point this evening and then send a message so you all know to come over.

Question? Does anyone want to set a time to "discuss" while we're in the group and whoever is able to can be on group facebook page so there will be lots of feedback and you don't have to keep checking in to see if there is anything new? Tonight might not be great what with The Office on....and I'm out for a girls' night for a few hours in the early evening.

I'm excited to hear what you all thought - I loved it just as much, if not more, the second time around!


Courtney said...

Fail! I FAIL! I'm still halfway through. Same spot as I was 2 weeks ago. Ugh. I do like the book though. Maybe I'll finish before it's due back to the library. Maybe.

Rebecca said...

I'm finished with the book and will be home the vast majority of the evening after 6:30.

So, I'm open to whatever is good for everyone else. Just make it clear where I need to be and when!

You did say we were all coming over to your house and you were making that yummy dinner from last weekend, right??????????

Megan said...

Don't I wish. I would totally make it if it meant I got to hang out with you!

Court - halfway isn't bad, you can still weigh in with what you've read so far!

Crafty P said...

tonight would be fine...around 9 maybe? I've already renewed the book as I knew we'd be discussing it soon. I was going over some of the discussion questions you posted from the Penguin site(very interesting) the other day.

Can't wait!

Megan said...

I may have overestimated my ability for tonight. I don't think I'll be able to "actively" post too much and I need to hang with Matt when I get home (as opposed to running over the computer and getting on facebook). So I'm going to post my initial thoughts, but not much since I could probably talk forever if I don't watch myself. Feel free to start some initial discussions and then tomorrow we can start some more in depth discussions. This will also make sure everyone is on board.

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