Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Waking up to Sunny Skies

It's a beautiful morning in.....Denver! We are stuck in Denver. Our flight to San Jose was cancelled and we are flying out this morning and went to a hotel last night. We finally got to sleep around 2am EST and were pretty exhausted (still are). We figured if we had to stay in Denver at least we'd get to see some mountains, but apparently there are no mountains in Denver. Who knew? Not me!

Anyway, just thought I'd post a little update as we get ready to leave our hotel and hopefully get on a plan to San Francisco (earlier flight available than San Jose).

The adventures are starting already!


LifeAtTheCircus said...

Did you get a free flight and room out of the ordeal?

Courtney said...

no mountains? I don't understand. no really....I feel lied to.

Courtney said...

oh, and please call me if CA doesn't have a beach. Then I'm laying the smackdown on my middle school geography teacher for reelz.

Teri said...

Wow! I hope the adventure continues (but in a good way!)...Sunny skies ahead!

Crafty P said...

what? there are mountains there. were you in the big "looks a huge circus tent" airport? you just can't see the mountains from there. they are far away.

i've been stranded at that airport before as well. that was an AWFUL memory. so glad it's just you and matt and no kiddos to worry about!

praying for sun in california, gulp.

stella g. said...

all i remember about the denver airport is an eternal tram trip to get from my flight to baggage. like 20 minutes. i thought for a second i was at o'hare in chicago. i hope that you're safely on your way!

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